ZKSoftware Awarded 2008 Top Ten Brands in Safe and Security Industry

The survey of "Chinese 2008 Top Ten Brands in Safe and Security Industry" conducted by AS Magazine Publishing Company lasting for 3 months through the media and internet ended wit significance. ZK is awarded the Top ten Security brand in the world and Top 10 security National brand in China on 2008 again, It is the third time that ZK get this award since 2006.

This survey sub-markets the Safe & Security products into 4 types which are CCTV, Access Control, Alarm and Intercom. Therefore, the number of the Chinese local participating brands also increased a lot. In this survey, ZKSoftware has won the award of "No. One of Chinese Biometrics Industry Excellent Brand" "China Top Ten Brands in Safe and Security Industry, China National brand 2008" among Chinese Access Control companies on the base of its strong technical power and public praise. There are 10 Access Control companies that won these awards while only ZKSoftware belongs to the biometric industry.

ZKSoftware Inc. has officially launched the biometrics access control project into the market since 2000. With the advantages of its powerful technology strength, diversified products, and internationalization, over 2,000,000 units of ZK's access control products have been sold out in the global market. Strong technology power is the root of an enterprise's long-term management. ZK spares no effort on the research of new products. Up to now, the products have reached 300 types in 50 categories, and another 30 new types of products will be launched at the end of 2008. Professional design and mass production make the original hi-tech fingerprint access control products become quite popular in the world because of ZK's participation.
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