Lumidigm Chooses Analogics as Biometrics Distributor in India

Analogics Tech India Ltd. is Lumidigm's sole distributor in India and Sri Lanka. Lumidigm's top-performing and robust multispectral fingerprint technology is a solution for the environmental and user challenges of the region. Analogics is the handheld terminal manufacturer in India and has a local technical support team. "With robust Lumidigm sensors and first-rate technical support from Analogics, Indian companies and agencies will finally be able to deploy biometrics that work across the population," said Matthew Ennis, Vice President of Business Development at Lumidigm.

India has a diverse population, field environment and geography that can be challenging for many biometric scanners. "Before we were introduced to Lumidigm, we tested most of the common fingerprint sensors and were not at all satisfied," said Surender Reddy, Managing Director of Analogics. "Lumidigm came to us with a biometric sensor technology that is capable of solving problems, in India, with failure to enroll and failure to acquire in particular."

Mobile handheld biometrics can bring identity management to remote areas, extending services such as banking to communities that otherwise might not have access. Lumidigm and Analogics joined forces earlier this year to evaluate Lumidigm's fingerprint sensors in numerous applications in India including rural banking, college/school attendance, food ration cards (Civil Supplies), and construction site and factory access control. The multispectral biometric technology out-performed the existing optical and capacitive sensor technologies in all deployment environments.
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