ACTi and SeeTec Partner to Launch a Project in Batumi, Georgia

Batumi is a seacoast city on the Black Sea, and is the capital city of Adjara, an autonomous republic in southwest Georgia. Batumi is also the main port of Georgia, and has a population of approximately 121,800. The city has enjoyed rapid growth over the past years, but meanwhile the problem of severe traffic congestion has risen to the top. In order to solve this issue, Ministry of Interior of Georgia decided to build up a new security system to ensure the safety of all citizens residing in the city.

One year ago a traditional surveillance system of 64 analogue cameras was installed in multiple places throughout Batumi. The monitored area is more than 10 kilo-meters away from the control centre, and all the cameras are widely distributed in different locations. Adding new cameras is therefore very laborious and expensive since every additional camera needs a coaxial cable of its own from the camera site to the control site.

Surveillance for multiple locations had been very costly for Batumi to manage with traditional DVR system, which also limited the flexibility and scalability for future expansion. Ministry of Interior of Georgia hence made a public tender for this new surveillance project, and emphasized that the whole system should be easy to manage, scalable to multiple locations, flexible for expanding new cameras and the cost must be low. Considering all the requirements issued, IP-based surveillance technology appeared to be the best choice for this project. 

An open-platform security system of ACTi IP surveillance solution and SeeTec central management software is selected for this city monitoring project. TwoSeeTec management servers are installed in the control centre to handle 91 channels of the new hybrid IP system (analog cameras plus ACTi videoservers) as well as another 64 channels of its existing analog cameras. All the monitored videos are stored on the first server with the capacity of 27 Tb, which acts as the source channel for the second server to retrieve data from.

The city has already had a 10 KM fibre-optic network constructed over the area so the deployment of IP surveillance is certainly cost efficient with effective utilization of its existing Internet infrastructure. With the installation of ACTi ACD-2100 video servers, all analogue cameras were easily converted and integrated into IP-based surveillance system without a huge amount of cabling expenses. Now the videos recorded at different locations are transmitted to the control centre via Internet, this gives our customer strong advantages of doing remote monitoring in multiple sites but spontaneously achieving centralized management.
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