Xtralis VESDA Smoke Detection Tested for Heathrow Terminal 5

Xtralis, a provider of intelligent fire detection and security solutions, announced that its VESDA Very Early Warning Aspirating Smoke Detection (ASD) system has been chosen by BAA to help ensure the safe transit of passengers through the baggage halls of the recently opened Heathrow Terminal 5.

BAA's Heathrow Terminal 5 is the largest single-span structure in the UK and is designed to accommodate 30 million passengers annually. T5 houses one of the most advanced baggage systems in the world, containing more than 17 kilometers of conveyer belts. To effectively protect passengers and their luggage, BAA needed an early warning smoke detection system that would operate effectively in the cavernous spaces of T5. In addition, BAA sought a solution that could be maintained at low costs and with minimal disruption to operations.

The Xtralis VESDA solution was specified for its advantages over conventional point or beam detection systems in protecting large open spaces. Xtralis VESDA constantly samples the air for even the smallest of smoke particles, thus preventing a small fire from becoming a major incident. VESDA pipe work can be placed where the smoke is most likely to go and the detectors can be maintained at ground level, making it possible to conduct smoke detector maintenance without the need to raise scaffolding or cause disruption to the running of the airport.

"Xtralis VESDA is providing Heathrow Terminal 5 with superior very early warning detection to keep travelers, baggage handlers and baggage safe from smoke and fire damage," says Samir Samhouri, President and Chief Executive Officer of Xtralis.

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