Fibridge Develops IP Camera for Video Surveillance with Reference Design from TI and ZOT

Video surveillance customers who require high-definition (HD), high-resolution video analytics can take advantage of a new Internet Protocol- (IP) based camera solution from Fibridge, a Beijing-based video surveillance company. Building on the optimized DM355-based IP network camera reference design announced in September by Texas Instruments, Incorporated, Zero One Technology (ZOT) and ObjectVideo, Fibridge was able to develop this HD IP camera in just four months.

"The combination of TI's digital media processors based on DaVinci technology and ObjectVideo's intelligent analytics in a ZOT solution provided us with a comprehensive foundation of functionalities to drastically reduce our development time," said Jason Wang, manager of R&D for Fibridge.

In only four months, Fibridge was able to bring to market this highly integrated HD IP camera that provides 720p HD resolution at 30 frames per second, ensuring that all image details are captured. Additionally, video surveillance customers benefit from the integrated video analytics functions including object classification, multi-tripwire and area of interest identification to help detect security breaches quickly and more accurately, especially in high volume and security-sensitive locations, such as airports.

"TI's goal is to be a platform for innovation," said Danny Petkevich, video surveillance and imaging business manager, TI.

The optimized DM355-based IP network camera reference design resulted from a close collaboration between TI, ZOT and ObjectVideo through its OEM distribution and technology partner in Asia, WPG System. This reference design, built by ZOT, is powered by two of TI's digital media processors, the TMS320DM355 and TMS320DM6435, both based on DaVinci technology.  Running on the DM6435 digital media processor is ObjectVideo OnBoard, a set of intelligent video libraries that enable analytics to be embedded within virtually any device such as cameras, encoders and DVRs.  By integrating TI's digital media processors with ObjectVideo's analytics, ZOT was able to create an advanced reference design that provides high functionality and significantly reduces development time for video surveillance customers like Fibridge.

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