Asia 25 Manufacturers Discuss 2009 Product Trends (Ⅴ of Ⅵ)

Asia 25 Manufacturers Discuss 2009 Product Trends (Ⅴ of Ⅵ)

Emphasis on Asian R&D will continue in 2009. Surveillance will get more networking, better compression formats and higher resolution. Video is also expected to integrate more with other systems.

Incorporating legacy equipment into new solutions will be a trend. "Opportunities will be in hybrid surveillance for the next few years," Tai said.

Hikvision's hybrid DVR series will be developed further in the coming year. "The new architecture of the product, using the latest high-performance Texas Instruments DSPs, is designed for the new requirements from the market, which includes the need for IP surveillance as well as intelligent functionalities," Yang said.

Hitron has ambitious plans for its surveillance line. "For next year, Hitron plans to release advanced video analysis IP products, megapixel hybrid cameras, smart speed domes with network functions, advanced video management software (VMS) and awide dynamic range (WDR) camera series with more than 600 TVL resolution," Choo said.

H.264 has become a standard specification for Asian DVRs, with Yoko, Hikvision and CSST all planning to incorporate its powerful processing into their 2009 offerings.

More convergence is ahead. "In 2009, Commax will reinforce and strengthen the variety of security products offering security phones, access control, door phones and surveillance," Byun said.

This convergence benefits from improved communication technologies.
"New products launched in the first half of 2008 were Z-Wave items," Ho said. "The new plan for coming year will be for the same wireless protocol, but includes a home control center gateway to operate automation or security remotely."

Company Opportunities
Taking advantage of their strengths is how some companies have an edge. "An opportunity VIVOTEK has is increased visibility for its brand name," Chen said.

Chinese vendors count on domestic growth for business opportunities. "Continual market growth, especially in infrastructure, will result in more demand for security," Pang said. "Large international events, such as the Olympic Games and the World Fair, will require high-level security."

Corporate Strategy
Asian vendors supply globally and remain eager to expand their market reach. Strong technology offerings is their survival plan.

"The strategy in 2007, 2008 and 2009 is expansion," Yang said. "Hikvision, as a newer comer for international markets, has to be able to flexibly adjust strategy accordingly, to successfully penetrate international markets."

CSST's strategy includes technology partnerships. "We are partnering with an agreement with FLIR Systems, a leading thermal imaging company," Yap said. "We plan to encourage international partnership, increase distribution and add product features."

Having unique offerings is Dali's plan for success. "We seek to be distinctive in our products, channels, markets and clients, to prevent excessive competition," Pang said.

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