Bosch's New Professional Series Detectors from Norbain

Available from Norbain, Bosch Security Systems' newly launched Professional Series EN 50131-2 Grade 3 Movement Detectors come with superior multi-point anti-mask technology and innovative Sensor Data Fusion.

Multi-point anti-mask technology with integrated spray detection (MANTIS) utilizes patented prism lenses and active infrared detection to protect against all known ways to obscure the view of the detector, regardless of texture or color.  It is sensitive to various materials including fabric, paper, metal, plastic, tape and sprays. When MANTIS identifies a masking material, a supervision anti-mask signal is sent to the control panel.

Bosch's Sensor Data Fusion (SDF) technology interactively processes data from up to five different sensors. It uses a sophisticated software algorithm to gather signals from multiple sensors: two pyroelectric, a microwave assist, room temperature, and white light level sensor. The microcontroller analyses and compares the sensor data to make the most intelligent alarm decisions in the security industry.

"Bosch leads the field within the security industry for its investment in research and development, and this has lead to the creation of the most sophisticated intruder detector in the market to date," said Paul Wong, Managing Director of Bosch Security Systems. "The detector's powerful combination of unique features delivers a 35% better catch performance than 'traditional' motion and allows the user to virtually eliminate false alarms. Its integrated sensor technology means it makes the most intelligent alarm decisions in the industry."
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