Techwell Releases Advanced Single Chip 16-Channel HD Controller for Standard and Hybrid DVR Security Systems

Techwell, a designer of mixed signal video semiconductor solutions for the security surveillance, automotive, consumer, and PC markets, announced the introduction of the TW2880, the first comprehensive single-chip solution that can efficiently bridge 16 channels of analog video decoders to multi-channel H.264 video codecs while having the capability of displaying up to 20 windows of high-resolution, scalable live and playback video on a single large screen HD 1080p monitor.

"As the global concern for security continues to grow, security professionals increasingly demand more from their surveillance recording equipment. Over the last year, many DVR manufacturers have shifted their focus to H.264 platforms and increased channel counts from 4- and 8-channel DVRs to 8- and 16-channel DVRs." said Mark Kirstein, President & Co-Founder of Analyst Research firm MultiMedia Intelligence. "Moving forward, key growth categories will be products leveraging networked video surveillance, while sustaining compatibility with CCTV cameras. The TW2880 is the first highly integrated one chip solution available in the market today which addresses features-rich 16-channel DVR solutions for mass market applications at a cost-effective price."

The TW2880 is a 16-channel video and graphic controller with HD 1080p display capability for security surveillance applications. The device includes a host of advanced features for 16-channel DVR applications. It is designed to accept 16 live video inputs and playback 16 pre-recorded inputs simultaneously. Incoming live and playback video can be multiplexed, scaled up or down, de-interlaced, and displayed on two separate monitors. The main display output can simultaneously display up to 20 channels or 6 native VGA (640x480) video on a full HD 1080p monitor. In addition, there are four analog SPOT outputs that can be used to monitor live camera inputs. For video record, the TW2880 supports 16-channel real time and non-real time recording with flexible frame rate and resolution over 27MH, 54MHz and 108MHz clocks. The record output ports support BT.656, BT.1120 and BT.601 data formats. Special record modes such as mixed frame and mixed field switching modes are also supported. Record output streams can be in field or frame interleaved format. The playback input ports support BT.656, BT.1120, BT.601 and 16-bit digital RGB data formats. Up to 16 channels of playback video are supported. Other key features of TW2880 include triple 16-bit bitmap OSG windows, font OSD, channel ID encoder/decoder, and motion detector.

"The rapid adoption of HD 1080p flat panel displays in the consumer market has led to a dramatic drop in the end price of high resolution HD flat panels. Large screen HD 1080p flat panels offer many benefits to security surveillance applications. Not so long ago a 16-channel real time DVR was considered a high-end product. With the advent of higher channel density H.264 video codecs, it is now economically feasible for DVR manufacturers to realize a 16-channel real time DVR system using the Techwell TW2880." said Dr. Feng Kuo, Ph.D., Chief Technical Officer of Techwell, he continued "The TW2880 is the first in the market to support HD display, HD record and HD playback for security surveillance applications and demonstrates Techwell's commitment to developing cost-effective, features-rich solutions for the growing security surveillance market."

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