COE chosen for Major Security Upgrade of Singapore's MRT Rail Network

COE chosen for Major Security Upgrade of Singapore's MRT Rail Network

COE announced their selection through its partner in South-East Asia, O'Connor's Singapore Pte Ltd (O'Connor's), to provide a major upgrade of Singapore's Mass Rapid Transport (MRT) rail network over the next two years.  Integral to a S$29m spend improving surveillance over the network, O'Connor's is to upgrade transmission equipment along the North-South and East-West Lines, integrating COE's innovative X-Net range to enable expansion of the current infrastructure by 4,300 cameras, allowing recording and storage of high quality video from the 53 stations along these lines.

The Singapore MRT network has been in operation since 1987 and comprises 138Km of tracks over three lines.The Singaporean Government has allocated S$11.9m to O'Connor's to facilitate the improvement of the current infrastructure of the North-South and East-West lines, which form the majority of the MRT network.Combined with the integration of 4,300 new cameras to these lines, the extent and quality of surveillance throughout the 53 stations on these lines will be substantially increased.  A key factor in the decision to utilise COE transmission equipment has been the ability to integrate new equipment whilst maintaining the existing network with no downtime. COE equipment is currently installed over the entire existing infrastructure of the MRT, with train borne equipment on the North-East line providing high quality transmission of live video from the first fully automated underground heavy rail system in Asia.

Mark Marriage, Chief Technical Officer of COE states: "The design of COE equipment and ease of integration across a common product matrix enables very easy expansion and development of an infrastructure, allowing maximum potential for further expansion at a highly competitive cost. We are proud O'Connor's has chosen COE for this project, and we are happy to be collaborating with them on the delivery of this complex transmission network."

COE's intelligent analogue and IP CCTV telemetry controller equipment, Telecommand II, features as the matrix device manager for control of peripherals such as cameras, operator keyboards and alarms throughout the MRT infrastructure. Telecommand II facilitates high levels of flexibility for expansion and provides superb levels of system integrity.

Expanding security measures on the Singapore MRT network is an element of a major initiative by the Land Transport Authority (LTA) to improve the existing network whilst simultaneously planning and undertaking future developments. There are significant proposals to increase the size of the MRT network, with plans for a cumulative length of 278Km by 2020. The decision to use COE equipment for a significant upgrade to surveillance over the current lines reflects the continued enthusiasm to improve service throughout the network.

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