Pelco New Product Introductions, IFSEC Reinvestment and Expansion Plans

Pelco management announced that it will not be participating in the IFSEC 2009 Exhibition but will still be hosting its annual customer party, to be held at a venue near but not at IFSEC. The company feels it prudent – given the current worldwide economic atmosphere – to withdraw from participation at the show for the upcoming year.

"Pelco did not come to this difficult decision lightly, but we feel that we can better serve and support our customers worldwide by realigning certain expenditures elsewhere," says Pelco President and CEO, Dean Meyer. "Although we are spending less in some places – at IFSEC, for example – we are putting that investment to work in other areas that make more sense for our customers."

For example, Pelco is reinvesting into many areas throughout the company, including providing resources to broaden its HD product offerings during 2009.

"This move will allow us to help redirect resources to launch our broad HD end-to-end product offering over the course of 2009, ranging from megapixel cameras of all shapes and sizes to recording and viewing solutions encapsulating H.264 compression, and third-party interconnectivity to storage," Meyer says.

"As it remains important that we support our customers from around the world who travel to IFSEC," says Kevin Smith, Regional Manager UK and Ireland," the Pelco party will still provide a great opportunity to connect with customers, even without having a stand at IFSEC 2009."

Pelco also continues to successfully expand its European and UK operations, with some of the IFSEC savings reinvested into expansion plans that include an additional 5,000 square feet of space at its UK headquarters in Wokingham, which will accommodate an expanded workforce, additional demo facilities, and customer training rooms.

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