NICE Awarded Third 8-digit Security Project in 2008

NICE Systems, the provider of advanced solutions that enable organizations to extract Insight from Interactions to drive performance, announced that it won an 8-digit deal valued at over USD$10 million from an EMEA law enforcement agency that will utilize the NICE solutions for enhanced citizen safety and security. Project revenue is expected to contribute to 2009 financial results.

NICE offers a unified set of solutions for the collection and analysis of both telephony and Internet data for law enforcement, intelligence and internal security organizations. The solution provides a complete suite of operational tools and applications, which ensure that meaningful, mission-critical information is delivered to security decision makers and operational staff, enabling them to detect threats and achieve a fast and appropriate response.

"NICE continues to offer the solutions of choice for helping security oriented organizations worldwide tackle the issues topmost on their security agenda – keeping the public safe by protecting them from threats of terror and crime" said Israel Livnat, President of NICE's Security Group.
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