Aptina Launches New Image Sensor Solution With Exceptional Low Light Performance to Security Market

Aptina announced the launch of the high sensitivity MT9V136 image sensor solution. The sensor's all-in-one single chip enhanced SOC design offers exceptional low light performance exceeding requirements expected from CCD sensors and provides excellent Near Infra-Red (NIR) response for night vision. The sensor's advanced image processing engine and new algorithms combined with unique pixel technology provide camera manufacturers with enhanced auto white balance and auto exposure functions that produce uncompromised image performance.  Furthermore, the MT9V136 offers lens alignment functionality for ease of manufacturing, NTSC/PAL encoder for analog video and progressive scan digital output at 60 fps. The high performance VGA sensor extends Aptina's comprehensive surveillance product offerings from analog CCTV sensor solutions to high definition sensors.

Surveillance Ready Feature Set
The MT9V136 image sensor addresses the imaging needs of the manufacturers building versatile, high performance surveillance camera systems. Aptina's new image sensor system packs advanced functionality such as active pixel design, sophisticated image processing engine, integrated NTSC/PAL encoder, Programmable On-Screen Display (OSD) capability, and high-performance flash interface.  The results of these features produce a complete CCTV security camera system on a single chip design to achieve low Bill of Materials (BOM) cost, lower component counts, and low power consumption without compromising image quality or performance in low-light.  The MT9V136 analog output offers both single-ended and differential output providing camera manufacturers product differentiation options based on end-user requirements. With the MT9V136 embedded differential analog output, camera manufacturers can build a camera capable of delivering excellent quality video from distances of over 250 meters without any video signal amplifier required.  Besides applying the MT9V136 image sensor solution to traditional CCTV designs, its digital output enables IP camera manufacturers to create a high performance IP camera with 60 fps progressive scan output capability. While functionality like the new lens alignment feature lower manufacturing costs, Aptina's ready CCTV reference design assists manufacturers in rapid prototyping and design verification that accelerate time to market.

Capturing Details in Extremely Low Light Environments
"The MT9V136 is a truly amazing all-in-one camera on a chip' solution with the capability of providing the manufacturer with everything needed for capturing clear video in very low light environments down  to sub one lux," says Mansour Behrooz, Director of Marketing for New Markets at Aptina.  The ability to gather vivid details in very low light environments is enabled by Aptina's breakthrough adaptive pixel technology, setting the new sensor system apart from other surveillance imaging solutions. Moreover, the SOC's processing features such as NTSC/PAL output as well as programmable OSD remove the need for external components and processing yielding lower system cost. "The MT9V136 is the product of years of research and development achieving best-in-class low light, low noise performance addressing the needs of a new generation of surveillance cameras," adds Behrooz .

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