Norbain and Scantronic Go to a Leap Forward in Radio Technology

The Scantronic 16 wireless home security system, available through Norbain, provides reassurance for people whether they're at home or away. Stylish looks are combined with versatility and ease of use, providing uncompromised protection.

The 16 has a range of considered functions.  A stylish keypad measuring only 115x156x34mm can be situated near the entry/ exit point and, with an integral proximity reader, allows quick, convenient alarm setting by simply presenting a tag; it also has the extra convenience of a quick-set function.

For added reassurance, the keypad features clear status indicators for alert/fault, power and battery testing. The very latest in wireless technology is used for discreet efficiency and minimal disruption during installation and, because all the detection devices are wireless, the kit can be installed with a minimum of disturbance to the user and their decor.

Homes come in all shapes and sizes, so the 16 will monitor and protect up to 16 independent radio zones around the property. Multi-zone protection gives users flexibility and ensures the system will continue to meet their needs in the future. It's simple to allocate up to 16 unique user codes and logs up to 250 alarm events with event description, time and date details.

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