GateKeeper Launches New Product to Address Maritime Piracy

GateKeeper USA announced the launch of its next generation CAMS "ECHO" Series device for use in maritime security of shipping vessels. The International Maritime Bureau has reported that there have been more than 84 attacks and 33 successful hijacking in the Gulf of Aden, which connects the Red Sea and the Arabian Sea, this year alone. As a result of these recent piracy events, GateKeeper USA decided to accelerate the launch of its "ECHO" Series security device.

The ECHO Series devices, are designed to be installed throughout the entire vessel. When the alarm is triggered, encrypted emergency notification signals will be broadcast. The device's proprietary algorithm transmission will employ multiple spread spectrum frequency and hopping capability in excess of 10 frequencies simultaneously at varying signal strengths on multiple networks, thus, unaffected by conventional frequency jamming methods. The ECHO Series devices will network with each other to create a satellite uplink "mini LAN" which is not line-of-sight (LOS) dependent for transmission. The devices will Geo-Fence the vessel and provide real time tracking of its location. They will perform continuous scan of the vessel for the presence of hazardous materials — such as nuclear, biological, chemical and explosives. The devices are equipped with intrusion/tampering biometrics scanner-reader, and real time streaming video, that will transmit Biometric information of intruders for identification. The ECHO series can be retrofitted to any maritime vessel regardless of size or configuration. GateKeeper USA estimates that it can begin to take orders and schedule installs of the ECHO Series in January 2009.

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