Shuttle Cameras Protect Extensive Area

Shuttle Cameras Protect Extensive Area

TEBˇs TUB Camera covers extensive length and surface area, providing great efficiency and security for end users. For the past 25 years, the French manufacturer TEB has been continually updating the design of the TUB cameraR Evolution 6. The shuttle camera moves with speed and precision within a tube-type structure.

It is a high quality concept that offers 100 percent visual coverage of large areas without blind spots, surpassing the performance of traditional fixed cameras and domes. The camera also offers discreet design (reinforced by the new look of the camera shuttle), high speed (up to six meters per second), and full PTZ functions with 100 preset positions.

With more than 200,000 meters of track installed throughout the world, the camera system has proven its efficiency as an indispensable security tool for the end user. Moreover, TEB has developed and integrated the latest innovation into the TUB camera, which brings more reliability and precision in the deceleration of the camera.

The camera is equipped with TPM (Telemetry and Power Multiplex) technology to optimize the transfer of data signals, as there is no telemetry or power joins throughout the length of the track.

This solution is ideal for protecting large areas and applications, such as retail installations, airports, train stations, data centers, distribution centers and industrial plants.

The furnishings retailer IKEA installed three TUB cameraR systems to secure the self-serve flat pack furniture section of its store in Essex, England.

The camera operator benefited from having complete coverage of this section of the warehouse with only three cameras moving backward and forward within the TUB tubular housing. The Shuttle camera moves at speeds of up to six meters per second and can be operated from the TEB Neopad controller or from an existing control system.

TEB is the only company to manufacture an external version of this product that is especially designed to cope with harsher environments.

In a market overloaded with speed domes and static cameras, TEB solution is an alternative for end users wanting to achieve extensive coverage without installing many cameras.

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