Fingerprint Door Locks Enhance Convenience and Security

Chinese vendors are using biotechnology to offer greater convenience. In this report, A&S highlights Adel, Anviz, Granding, Miaxis, Singo and ZKsoftware.

ZKsoftware's L1000 fingerprint lock provides 30,000 unlock records, while using less than one watt of power. It has standard serial ports of 1, 15, 200 and 57,600 bits per second. Power when idle is less than five milliamperes. It can be operated via fingerprint, password, fingerprint plus password or key. It comes in either a round cylinder (easy to install) or standard five-tongue cylinder (safe). It provides strong record backup (in and out), and exact opening time and by which staff member can be recorded onto a PC via a standard serial port. It requires four 1.5 AA alkaline batteries.

The elegant alloy body features a lock that can be set to passage mode (open all the time). The product also has a double-color LED (128 millimeters by 64 millimeters) display screen and easy-to-use interface. Operating temperature is from -10 degrees to 50 degrees Celsius, humidity from 40 percent to 90 percent. Voltage alert is 4.4 volts (when in operation).

In addition, ZKsoftware's L2000 fingerprint door lock has a fingerprint capacity of 450, password of 240, ID number of 150 and transaction storage of 20,000. Unlock is via fingerprint, password, fingerprint + password or key. Operating temperature is from zero degrees to 45 degrees Celsius, humidity from 10 percent to 80 percent. It provides RS232 communication interface. Power supply is four AA alkaline batteries or four AA electrified batteries (1.2-volt 1,800-mA). It also features 4,000 operating times.

Miaxis's MX2008 fingerprint door lock registers five administrators and 199 users, while providing extra-large capacity. It features Blackfin dual-core and SMTA fingerprint identification technology. False-acceptance rate is less than 0.0001 percent. The product offers high-resolution special diamond fingerprint reader lenses that are extremely resistant to static and scratching. Four 5 AA alkaline high-performance batteries provide for 8,000-time usage. The administrator enables browsing of unlock records (last 99 times). Fingerprint and setting data are stored on a special chipset. Door lock could be set to constant opening or lockout for convenience. Three-minute confinement is entered after 10 successive fingerprint failures to maximize security.

Embedded controllable voltage stabilizing circuits (4.8-volt to nine-volt) deliver power consumption of less than five uA in standby mode for maximum battery life. It provides a warning when below 4.8 volts. It also features automatic locking of the handle and lock tongue to prevent forcing. The door lock has an electric motor with a special gear for long life. It combines a metallic plate and abrasion-resistant silica gel keys to improve service life and touch. The product is for offices and residences.

Singo's 05 SL5E-01 fingerprint door lock with memory capacity (99) and dynamic current (110 mA to 180 mA) features an LED display that groups management to add, delete and clear fingerprints one-by-one. Its unique handle design and long-open function make for convenient office meetings. It is opened via fingerprint, password or key. The optical semiconductor identifies only hypoderma of live bodies with finger angle from anywhere within 360 degrees.

Singo's lock has an integrated zinc-alloy construction, diagonal linkage warning, emergency electrical source and low-voltage warning. It can be used in offices, vaults, banks and homes. Verification and comparison time is less than one second; false-rejection rate is less than 0.01 percent; false-acceptance rate is less than 0.0001 percent. Storage temperature is from -20 degrees to 80 degrees Celsius, operating temperature from -20 degrees to 80 degrees Celsius.

The LA9-3 fingerprint door lock from Granding with stainless steel finish supports three opening modes: fingerprint, password code and mechanical key. It provides a capacity of 138 users and runs on four AA batteries. A nine-volt battery provides outdoor supply if the inside battery goes dead. It is easy to install and simple to operate; it comes in silver or gold.

Adel's DIY-3398 fingerprint door lock features handle reversible, and has no hassle to indicate LH/RH. With 500 DPI resolution, it can store 120 fingerprints with different privilege such as master fingerprint, member fingerprint and temporary fingerprint. The product has three modes which are unlocking either with fingerprint, pin/code, or mechanical key. The passage mode can be set for meeting or party. It is equipped with two backup keys and integrated cast steel with satin chrome finish. Fingerprint can be stored, erased on the lock directly. It comes with four AA alkaline batteries included, with normal use can last for a year, and no external wiring required. The lock also supports each lock packed with retail box, six units in a carton.

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