Chinese Alarm Control Panels: Cost-effective, Easy-to-use

Chinese alarm panels are cost-effective and easy-to-use. A&S focuses on Chuango, Eagle, Focus and Longhorn.

Chuango's CG-8800PLUS smart wireless anti-burglary alarm system (100 percent wireless) features easy DIY installation and simple accessory expansion though automatic recoding. One million inlet RF pin sets deliver high reliability. The control panel can be operated by the wireless keypad after recoding; one control panel can be recoded with more wireless keypads for easier operation.

The company's new door sensors have larger battery capacity, special emergency buttons and thinner magnets for more convenient use and installation. Eight preset phone numbers are automatically dialed in the event of an alarm. The CG-8800PLUS has six LED zones (wireless and wired alarming) and one 24-hour emergency alarm zone LED. It supports active or passive remote monitoring via telephone. Alarm control panels are compatible with global protocols like Contact ID and 4+2. It also enables establishment of computerized community alarm processing centers and smart community alarm networks.

Eagle's EP210 alarm control panel combines 16 wireless and eight wired zones. It supports communication protocols like Contact ID, Ademco and 4+1. The EP210 has six groups for telephone number setting and up to four remote controllers. In total, 20 events can be buffered. Installation and operation are easy. It has a big LCD screen and built-in backup rechargeable battery.

Other features include voice recording setting, real-time voice monitoring, built - in real-time clock, network output, study code for easy connection of wireless devices, kidnapped password, alarm output priority, wire cutting alarm, under-voltage notice, UPS protection and easy programming. It runs on 315
MHz or 433 MHz, contains a built-in siren and alarm clock, and offers a microphone for voice recording.

Longhorn's LHD6000-8F (16F) system is capable of both wired and wireless transmission of alarm messages via telephone as well as remote control for dealing with emergencies. The LHD6000-8F offers 16 fully programmable zones (eight wireless and eight wired), and 24 fully programmable zones (eight wireless and 16 wired). These support MCU control, keypad programming and nixie display indicators. Users can program these for alarm telephones, user passwords, alarm time delays and ring attempts.

Fire-proof detectors, burglar-proof probes and glass breakage indicators can be added. There is also an anti-tamper function for master control, and the keypad can be extended to two programmed wired zones and up to five wireless remote controls. Remote arming and disarming is by dialing the master-control number.

Via master control and automatic dialup to alarm centers, users can receive voice announcements of system status via cell or landline phones. Furthermore, the latest 40 alarm messages and queries can be recorded at any moment. As it is compatible with Ademco protocols, the system can send not only network, but also standalone alarms. Arming and disarming can be done in three automatic timing groups. Alarms are also issued if battery voltage is low, or there is AC power or telephone line loss. Finally, it features a built-in real-time clock and records personal address messages.

Focus's FC-7632 wired and wireless alarm control panel features eight wired and 56 wireless or bus zones controlled by a microcomputer, dual frequency (433 MHz or 862 MHz), voice prompt operation, and arming and disarming via telephone. It supports Ademco and Contact ID, and comes with two built-in electronic clocks that enable timely arming and disarming. It has a built-in relay link output, built-in high-quality battery with intelligent rechargeable circuit, auto-enrolment wireless detector and remote controller.

It also comes with telephone line testing, tamper-proofing and auto self-testing as well as report transmission to control panels and built-in auto dialer communication with Contact ID. Communication method is PSTN. Maximum power consumption (output) is 12 volts DC, 500 milliamperes. Power supply is 220 volts AC ∮10 percent, 50 Hz. Working temperature is -10 degrees to 55 degrees Celsius with humidity levels of less than 90 percent.

Response time is 200 milliseconds to 800 milliseconds. There are 16 wired and 16 wireless zones. Programming (arming, disarming) is via telephone, wireless keypad and remote. It comes with six groups of telephone numbers. Standby power is 12 volts DC, 1.3 ampere hours. It also comes with 20-second message recording. Alarm output is 12 volts AC (NC) or 24 volts DC (NO).

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