GDSF Provides Unique Platform for Digital Education in China

The third consecutive Global Digital Surveillance Forum (GDSF) China was held in Shenzhen this year. There, big names in security shared the most advanced technologies and product concepts. Created as an interactive platform, GDSF not only provided attendees with chances to learn about the newest trends and applications, but also enabled constructive exchanges that raised the entire industry to the next level.

"This is the only purely digital platform for professional installers, system integrators and providers in China," said Parson Lee, President of A&S Group. "The forum aims to serve as a platform to share digital surveillance technology developments and future trends." The two-day event attracted more than 1,200 visitors with one VIP exhibitor applauding GDSF for its three years of success. The event gathered experts in the digital field along with those who wanted to improve their understanding. In contrast with normal security shows, the organizers targeted only digital and IP users. Statistically, digital products users account for roughly 7 percent of the total; at GDSF, they were up to 80 percent.

Exhibitors also benefited.As the Chinese market is becoming one of the largest, successfully marketing products in China is a major issue. Security devices are not consumer products; they require more technical support and professional local partners. That means those that can prove themselves in terms of revenue, R&D capabilities, domestic channels and after-sales service. Worldwide security players in attendance included Alpha Pricing, Axis Communications, CTC Union, D-Link, EverFocus, GeoVision, Hunt, ioimage, Lenel, Mobotix, NICE, ObjectVideo, On-Net Surveillance Systems, Inc (OnSSI), Panasonic, Seagate, Sony, Sunplus Core Technologies, and Tyco Fire & Security as well as Chinese players like Blue Sky, China Security & Surveillance Technology (CSST), DVSS, H3C, Kedacom, Power On Technologies, Tongli and ZTE NetView.

A major focus, this year, was central management systems (CMS). In all,
26 exhibitors discussed CMS technology and integration at various seminars; others showcased innovative CMS products. According to visitorˇs feedback, more than 90 percent of attendees were satisfied with the event, while 17 percent were very satisfied. Looking at a visitor breakdown, 62 percent were manufacturers 22 percent system integrators.

Major Focuses
Nice invited partner SDEMIA to talk about the importance of doing security assessments prior to investment. Airports, for example, should first consider the possibility of external attacks such as those from shoulder-launched bazookas, which has a range of 400 meters.

Perimeter installations, however, rarely are this extensive. In addition, frequent construction around airports provides hard-to-detect places. SDEMIA experts, therefore, suggested adjusting landing paths to avoid such dangers. Doing so does not cost a penny as there is no need to install advanced perimeter security or cameras.

CSST shared its experience in constructing a Safe City security system. The company also discussed how its software has been used successfully for 10 years at ZTE  a well-known Chinese telecom operator. ZTE executives pointed out that security management and systems may vary from field to field.

As network information technology develops, an integrated platform to encompass data, including surveillance, networks, safety and biometrics, is needed. ZTE is providing just such a solution to leverage surveillance management systems to provide more data for enhanced use. Then, H3C  a global supplier of IP-based products and solutions, which is based in Hong Kong, shared perspectives on IP surveillance challenges and developments. Finally, Kedacom  established in 1995 and headquartered in Suzhou  showcased its latest NVR. The total network solution connects network cameras and video switchers, delivering real-time surveillance and management via networks anytime.

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