Wide Dynamic Range Cameras Watch Over Shenzhen Buses

Chinaˇs first special economic zone is known for its thriving business sectors. Almost 6 million city dwellers use buses to travel within Shenzhen, which makes public security of vital importance. 

Shenzhen is a coastal city situated just across the border from Hong Kong. Nearly 8.5 million people live in Shenzhen, which also boasts a 230 km coastline, more than 160 rivers and streams, and more than 400 parks, scenic zones and forest parks. Although the region has been inhabited for more than 5,000 years, the city of Shenzhen was established only in 1980. To ensure the comfort of passengers and drivers alike, the Public Transit Branch of Shenzhen Public Security Bureau decided to install security cameras on all city buses, to promote safety and discourage thieves, including pickpockets.

Choosing the right security camera for a bus requires balancing a number of challenging criteria, including:

  • The camera must be compact enough to fit onto the ceiling of the bus without getting in the way of passengersˇ heads.
  • The camera must be sturdy enough to withstand the vibrating motion of the bus as well as physical bumps, both accidental and intentional.
  • Most importantly, the camera must be able to capture clear and accurate images under ever-changing lighting conditions, both during the day and at night. These include direct sunlight, strong glare or backlight, reflections off windows and metal (including on the bus itself), and other high-contrast situations.

Security cameras on buses can be powerful deterrents against crime — but only if people know that the camera can produce identifiable images of individuals at any time and under any lighting conditions.

Cameras Meet Challenges

After evaluating available video cameras for on-bus security, the Public Transit Branch of Shenzhen Public Security Bureau chose Coship Wide Dynamic Range Dome Cameras powered by Pixim Digital Pixel System technology. Traditional CCD video cameras are unable to "see" well when lighting conditions are less than optimal. In contrast, Pixim-powered cameras perform well regardless of changes in lighting, making them ideal for providing security aboard buses.

The Shenzhen bus project uses a chipset which is specially designed for embedded and hidden security applications, where it is not possible or desirable to adjust camera settings. The uncomplicated ¨fix, focus, forget〃 operation of the solid-state wide dynamic range cameras with their chipset makes them ideal for use in environments where moving parts, such as a DC Iris and other auto-iris lenses, would be impractical or cost-prohibitive. The cameras also offer the compact dome shape; vibration tolerance; and an anti-vandal, hard plastic shell.

Clear Identification

Passengers can now be clearly identified as they step onto the bus, pay the fare and move to a seat; and again as they exit the bus at the end of their journey. If someone misbehaves — for instance, tries to board without paying the proper fare, or tries to steal from another passenger — authorities will have an accurate picture of the person, which can be used for identification and, if appropriate, prosecution. Due largely to the success of the Shenzhen bus installation, Coship also is providing Pixim-powered security cameras for various buildings and banks around the city of Shenzhen.

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