IP-based Access Control Systems Ensure Efficiency and Security

A&S looks at Chinese access control system suppliers, such as Ket, Newabel, China-vision, Semtong, Anviz and E-Focus.

Ket ' s KET201JE- IP i s an access control system with CP/IP single door controller, inbuilt reader (125-kHz EM card) and 1,000-record capacity. The product supports one door and one external reader, and features door contact input, exit button input, electrical lock output, fire alarm input and door contact alarm output. Parameter modes are set via software, which is also used to issue cards. Communication mode is inbuilt TCP/IP (201JE-IP) or RS485 (201JE) with damp-proof treatment. It has three access modes: card, card + password and password. Working temperature is from -20 to 60 degrees Celsius and humidity levels of l e s s than 90 percent. Memory lasts without external power for one year. Power consumption of less than one watt and power is from seven volts to 35 volts DC.

Newabe l ' s CHD802A access control system supports RS485, TCP/IP and modem network protocols with no keypad. It can be connected to two outside Wiegand readers without an internal proximity reader. The light indicates working state and the system can save 1,700 user cards and 6,144 entry records.

China-vision's EL600F-T is an access control and time attendance system with battery volume status display and built-in TCP/IP for networking. It offers two-megabyte flash memory that is expandable up to eight megabytes. Name and ID number of cardholder is displayed on an LCD. Two TTL outputs make for flexible application; the large LCD display provides user comfort. It repeatedly reads events from the controller in case backup data is lost. It has 16 changeable time groups (each time group has eightdays, including one holiday, and each day has five time schedules and 10 holiday tables).

The built-in battery ensures operation during power failure. The product also features an external reader for anti-passing (Wiegand port) and off-line stored events (maximum 100,000). Data can be kept up to 10 years without power. It also offers photo coupler isolation input for fire and infrared sensors. It has 20 presets for sirens, which are activated according to timetable status. It operates as standalone or network viaRS485 (up to 98 units), and is capable of setting event records to save memory capacity; it also provides self-test code to detect system failure.

The smallest two-in-one fingerprint IC card on the market, Semtong's SBC-826 fingerprint and RFID attendance and access control TCP, IP and RFID reader is a practical choice. It supports professional access control functions that are suitable for controlling and administrating large entrances and exits. It has dual fingers, alarm finger mode and multi-verification mode. The product has high-speed fingerprint matching and mobile access as well as storage. It comes with Weigand (26 bits) and RS-485 with an intelligent system design. Fingerprint images can be stored in a single reader. The sensor and surface have a special coating to minimize problems from wet or dry fingers. Outputs comply with most control system brands. It works in temperatures from 0 degrees to 60 degrees Celsius and humidity levels of less than 80 percent.

China-vision's EL 500-X-0C is a dual access control and time attendance system with built-in TCP/IP interface. It offers standalone and network mode (up to 98 units) with card or card and pin modes. The dual function access control and time attendance system has a real-time clock and 1,000 events (EL500T). The external reader delivers anti-passing (Wiegand port), housing sabotage alarm and self diagnostics. All I/Os and operating times are user keypad programmable.

The product also features a watch dog timer, power on reset and duress alarm in case of emergency. It supports up to 512 users, including one master card. It has toggle mode for door opening and closing (EL500T) and selectable indoor and outdoor (IP65, epoxy potted) version. The system repeatedly reads events from the controller in case backup data is lost; it supports Mifare and otherISO14443A-compatible cards. Power supply is nine volts to 24 volts (less than 150mA) with a reading distance of five centimeters (depending on the transponder).

With optional TCP/IP module, Anviz's AMJ602 is a two-door, one-way access control system. It has Wiegand 26 outputs as well as those for two readers and two locks. Access control software is available. It features translatable software language.

The E-Focus ATF909 is a Web engine fingerprint access control system that supports WAN, password, USB and TCP/IP interfaces. It works 24 hours a day. With 3.5-inch TFT LCD screen, it displays graphic interface and employee photos. It supports meeting inform, birthday greetings, correct time, power on and off and play functions with an advanced Linux operating system. The product offers U-disk implement download and upload of employee data, attendance records and photos. The HTTP server enables use of a Web browser for system management. The system supports phonic prompt and sound attendance code. It takes photos for attendance that effectively prevent substitution. Recording capacity is expandable (depending on memory).


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