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Compatibility in Door Controllers Delivering Greater Convenience

Most two-door and four-door access controllers feature connection to four ID card, IC card or fingerprint readers with two-door entry and exit or four-door entry.
Most two-door and four-door access controllers feature connection to four ID card, IC card or fingerprint readers with two-door entry and exit or four-door entry.

With communication ports (RS232, RS484 or LAN for TCP/IP), administrators can operate remote controls via IE browsers with built-in web server models. The Couns CU-DK402 features flash Rom for a maximum of 20,000 users and 100,000 records. It also has an interlock function to prevent piggybacking or tailgating. It supports management card for access, customized visitor cards, blacklist and snapshot functions. The CU-DK808 multi-access controller has the latest Hommard technology with a built-in watch dog and self-detecting circuits to ensure stability. Connection is up to 200 door controls.'s DW-2101AS-CP anti-tailing interlock safety door control system is designed for bank gates and aisles; it provides stable, secure, reliable and customizable features. It has six major functions to effectively prevent criminals from following employees through entrances. The convenient and ergonomic management system is practical for different levels of authorization. Real-time access to recorded information, multi-level data registration, management, backup and data print enhance flexibility and efficiency.

More than 10,000 banks are already using DW-2102AS-CP controller security systems. The DW-2102AS-CP is an intelligent interlocking system with two doors fitted with ultrasound sensors that detect and prevent any attempt to piggyback or tailgate. I t features mul t iple open-door methods: smart card, password, PIN + smart card, fingerprint and button. It also offers powerful coercion door, emergency and closed-door alarms. Real-time recording includes circulation, reader, illegal entrant, capacity and lost report. Multiplelevel management encompasses after-inquiry, door-close reminders, standardized intelligence and multiple levels of data registration, management, backup and printing.

Coson's ACM6800-Lan series network door control products perform quite well in terms of design and quality. In the past decade, the product has been installed in more than 20,000 projects to provide customers with highly secure and stable access control systems. Multiple anti-interference technologies were added to ensure stable operation in any environment. Ability to activate and deactivate the alarm helps reduce costs. ACM6800-Lan network door control equipment utilizes Freescale processors from Motorola and CPLD integrated circuits from Alpra.

The ACM6800-Lan supports multiple card-reading technologies and LCD card readers. Each controller manages 32,000 card holders, which can be extended to 100,000 persons and it stores 20,000 events. It features anti-intimidation, multi-card door opening, four to eight digit super password entry, door opening with initial card and multifunctional custom time groups. It has auto check if equipment faults; prompts enable the equipment to send reports to the system under any circumstances.

Then, Netking management software provides flexible performance, whether to control 10 or 10,000 doors. Netking management software features elevator, alarm and CCTV linkage capabilities. It offers API protocol, new dynamic e-map and customized event monitoring windows along with color and voice prompts, which make it easy for users to program, input and monitor.

Newabel's CHD885DM multi-entrance access controller controls four to 12 doors. It uses 7-35-volt DC, consumption is less than one watt, power supply is 220 volts 50 Hz alternating current, working temperature is -10?C~55?C and working humidity is 98 percent. An oiled-finish surface ensures mold-proofing and anti-dampness.

Ket Industrial's KET-201D8 eight-door access controller features alarm output. Each door can connect with two standard Wiegand card readers outside. Each door has multi-route input connect point (magnetism, infrared, fire linkage and manual button). Each door has multi-route output lock relay to control various kinds of constant-open and close locks. Alarm output includes over t ime open s tate, opened by force, unauthorized user entering and anti-kidnapping password (single-door controllers).

The product conducts classification management of user and authority user identification function. Sixteen-group week periods can be set up to control entrance and exit of staff. Multi-group constant-open state period can be set according to quantity. Multi-group constant-close state period can also be set up when entrance and exit are prohibited. It supports various door open modes: punch card to open, punch card and user password to open (single-door controller), remote control computer to open and manual button to open (installed inside). The KET- 201D8 has standard RS485 or TCP/IP communication protocol, 9,214 user capacity and 18,724 record storage capacity. Power-off data stores for 10 years with anti-lightning protection.

Anson Technology's ASC-8902 two-door controller board (two-way reading) has offline storage of 40,000 records. The ASC-8902SB two-door controller is an important part of the Anson access control system. In total, 128 controllers can be connected to one network via an RS485 bus, which manages 512 sites. The ASC-8901SA also networks with the ASC-8901SA(B) one-door controller, ASC-8902SA two - door controller and ASC - 8904SA four-door controller to share data and resources. Each ASC-8901SA works independently without interference from a computer even when the computer is turned off. The ASC-8901SA transfers data to the computer when connected and can store all records and data offline.

Meanwhile, the ASC-8902SB encompasses strong interlocking, which can control any point on the controller board to ensure high reliability. The model is especially suitable for places that require high security such as banking systems. The ASC-8902SB is equipped with ancillary input and output interface that is connectable to smoke sensors, humidity sensors and alarm signals. It also controls alarm lamps, sirens, fire-fighting alarms and collaborates with many other alarm systems.

Key features include two-door bidirectional controllers with CPU eight-bit processors, 128-kilobyte flash storage, controller address (0 to 31), Wiegand 26 reader interface, expandable card reading capacity up to 30,000, support of reader-type passwords, ID/IC card sensors, fingerprint, handprint and biometric identification. It connects to two groups of magnetic doors, two exit buttons, four groups of input interface (standard RJ45, RS232/485 and TCP/IP with converter). Transmission baud rate is 9,600/4,800 bps. Networking transmission distance is up to 15 meters in RS232 mode, 1.2 kilometers in RS485 and 100 meters in TCP/IP direct connection. Working voltage is 10 volts to 15 volts DC. Working environment temperature is -10 to 55 degrees Celsius with 0-90 percent humidity. The system controls up to 64 doors.

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