Chinese Professional LCD Monitors Get Mature

The general quality of Chinese CCTV monitors gets much improved. Three major Chinese monitor manufacturers are Skyworth, Stonesonic and Satow. The industry started export quite earlier compared to other security vendors in China. Now, LCD monitors, monitors for surveillance in commercial setting and LCD multiple screen combination panel wall are their main products.

According to some industry expert, the ratio of global LCD to CRT production is roughly about 6:4. LCD monitors, in the past, had some defeats in certain aspects, such as brightness, contrast, visual angle, response time, lifespan and production. Along with the technical improvement, current LCD monitors are better performed in color, brightness, contrast, nearly 180-degree visual angle and response time. Plus, it has advantages in thin design, environmental friendly, and energy-saved (because of lead in the components of CRT monitors). LCD monitors have gradually replaced the CRT.

Many users might confuse LCD monitors with LCD display or LCD TV. However, the basic requirements for LCD monitors are quite different from them. For one LCD monitor, it is usually required to have higher standards on visual angle, brightness and contrast, color display ability, response time, resolution and the stability to operate continuously 24/7. Therefore, the safe electric performance and good heat emission design should be taken into the consideration for the design of one LCD monitor.

High Resolution, Brightness and Contrast Ratio and Increasing Response Time

For one LCD monitor, a much broader visual angle and higher brightness and contrast are required for watching the fixed video picture at long distances. For PC display, the ideal pictures can be showed if it meets the required brightness and contrast of 200 cd/m2 and 300:1 respectively. But for monitors, the brightness and contrast should be not less than 300 cd/m2 and 450:1. The quality of picture is not only related to the brightness and contrast but also the definition, color reducibility, and SNR (signal to noise ratio) specifications. In addition, the response time is also quite important for LCD monitors. Manufacturers recently have taken a lot of efforts on increasing the response speed from the early 60 ms, 30 ms and 25 ms to current 16 ms, 12 ms and 8 ms; the tailing phenomenon has been almost disappeared and has little difference with response time for CRT. Skyworth's M17LA professional LCD monitor features its anti-magnetic disturbance function. High resolution in 1280 x 1024, SXGA 8 bit; 500 cd/m2 in brightness, high contrast ratio of 700:1 and 16.7 M color enriches the sense of layers and textures and refines picture details, with the latest 3D digital comb filter DVI input technology. 178-degree extreme wide viewing angles and 8 ms fast responding time causes no lag shadow in display. M17LA also supports optical-fiber compliant camera with CVBS input/output.

One of Satow's latest launch--42" Color LCD monitor, ML-4200TM1. It features 3-dimension image processing to reduce the noise and avoid the interference from the bright, making the picture display more sophisticated with PAL/NTSC. Its unique DNX technology makes the image more stable while displaying the moving pictures and video. The resolution is about 1920 x 1080; brightness is 500 cd/m2 and the contrast ratio is 2000:1. The response time can be 6.5 ms. Power supply is AC 100-240V.

Safe Electric Performance

Many LCD display's power is often DC 12 V, using the external AC power adapter 220V AC/12V DC; however, it could not meet the requirements of electromagnetism interference (EMI) and electromagnetism compatible electron agnetic compatibility (E-MC) for professional monitors working at factories. Take Stonesonic. It adopted the reliable built-in switch power instead that can meet the requirements of electromagnetism compatible and interference standard. So it ensures the constant working of the machine no matter under what kind of environments and its much more coordinated appear once design is also more convenient for project mounting and operation. Skyworth also highlights its internal power supply with low consumption, and its screen service expectancy exceeds 60,000 hours. The latest I2C controlling circuits, the high reliability of whole system.

The Rear Design of LCD monitor

The luminescence of LCD panel is realized through several lamp tubes (cathode vacuum tube). Because some of the tubers are fixed at the fringe of the panel, it is normal that the frame becomes heated when being used for a certain period. In the design of LCD monitors, Stonesonic applied the hydrodynamics theory to make the air whirlpool inside the space of the machine form the convection, and operate the heat emission through those metal parts inside at the same time, which all ensure the reliable and constant working of the machine. So it will not affect the lifespan of the monitor if the frame of the LCD feels a little heated by hand.

Monitor with built-in DVR system Monitor manufacturers, in addition to steadily develop their existing LCD/ CRT monitors. Other new and niche products they are developing right now are monitors with built-in DVR system and LCD multiple screen combination panel wall. Satow Electronic has been exporting since 1995. Till now, they developed a complete product line not only in monitors but DVR, CCTV cameras, speed domes, and all kinds of wired/wireless surveillance for home or small-office surveillance and car rear view system, including one monitor, DVR and camera and etc. Satow, compared to other LCD monitor companies, developes commercial and industrial products at the same time.

Stonesonic recently launched one 19"color LCD monitor built-in DVR--SCM-1980MR. It is one kind of 8-channel monitoring and recording all-in-one monitor, adopting top-quality 19" TFT LCD panel and has functions of 4-8 channels composite video simultaneous input, real-time monitoring and recording, network remote monitoring, recording backup and alarm pan/tilt controlling.

Satow Eletronic also has one 17" LCD with built-in 4-channel MPEG-4 DVR system-BL-1700T4/CP-5714CB. Adopting the latest DSP hardware compression for each channel, the resolution is quite high. It can remote monitor via network, viewing with IE Browser or client-end software. For the LCD monitor, its contrast ratio is 800:1, brightness ratio of 300 cd/m2, display color in 16.2 M.

LCD Multiple Screen Combination Panel Wall

Stonesonic and Skywor th also developed their latest products of LCD combination panel wall. For Stonesonic, its LCD combination panel wall has already been registered and approved for six patents. The hardware basic is FPG A array, using parallel high speed image processing technology. It implements multiple high speed video signal's unify processing technology. It totally replaces the insert card combination controller and solves the problem of quantity limitation of VGA input. It possesses all the excellent DID display technology, embedded hardware combination technology, multiple image processing technology, signal switching technology. This advanced LCD combination panel wall display system has benefits of high brightness and high definition, low power consumption and long lifespan.

Stonesonic monitor is used in many different applications such as security, broadcast, industry and multi-media. Their application in security accounts for 60 to 70 percent. Its strengths are high definition in image quality; more natural color in display. Its LCD export accounts for 50 percent of their total market. Till now, Stonesonic has had sales points in over 80 countries. It targets more at European and US markets. The latest products also includes one big IP screen monitor; very easy to install within one single IP cable. It also differentiated others in self-developed chipsets for monitors. Other vendors might adopt AV chips for LCD monitor so the 3D image may be worse in quality.
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