Fingerprint Products Provide Quick, Convenient Security

Chinese fingerprint technologynow matureencompasses applications such as smart-card solutions, access control and IT encryption.

Fingerprint products are used not only for criminal investigations but also time and attendance, locks, safes, PC peripherals, networkbased real-time capture and comparison systems, and integrated solutions. More than 20 Chinese manufacturers have patented fingerprint identification algorithms.

According to most manufacturers, the false-rejection rate (FRR) of Chinese fingerprint products is less than 0.1 percent; false-acceptance rate (FAR) is less than 0.001 percent; and resolution of optical sensors is already as high as 500 dpi. Adel sensors recognize fingerprints of even six-year-old children. Many Chinese players are now looking to integrate fingerprint technology with other technologies, like iris and vein identification, and RFID technology.

Fingerprint USB Reader

The JZT-998 fingerprint reader developed by Wellcom Science Technology is based on a capacitive fingerprint sensor with a sensor life expectancy of 1 million times and resolution of 363 dpi; it also supports USB and RS 232 interface, while providing an integrated SDK, full API interface and command sets. It supports operating systems like Windows 2000/XP, Unix and Linux. With an embedded high-speed DSP processor and patented fingerprint algorithms, it features fingerprint acquisition, image processing, image characteistics acquisition and fingerprint matching. Besides these, it stores 500 (expandable up to 1,000) user fingers with a FRR of less than 0.01 percent and a FAR of less than 0.0001 percent.

The Miaxis FPR620 is an advanced fingerprint reader with fast collection and stable image quality. It also features USB connection, removable weight stand, compact size, light weight, portability, integrated finger guide, ready accessibility for fingers, high performance, a maintenance-free optical fingerprint sensor, resistance(to scratches, impact, vibration and electrostatic shock), fast and accurate verification, latent print image removal technology and encrypted fingerprint templates to enhance accuracy and security. The product can be used for PCs, ATMs, time attendance devices and PC encryption applications.

Access Control and Intercoms

The SM-F18 fingerprint door access control system from Shimao Science and Technology features extra-large storage capacity (up to 11,000 event records) for 3,500 users and five administrators and 3,000 cards. Each user may register more than one fingerprint, which is controlled by the administrator. Authentication is fingerprint or inductive card or both. The product supports real time login and logout, magnetic detection, alarm, management  and other events. It features RS-485 online communication, reading logout information with dedicated software, search, backup and copying of fingerprint information. It also sets parameters and edits user information.

The Uscan II-WiFi standalone TFT fingerprint access control system is the latest from Granding Technology. Fingerprint capacity is 1,500 with event storage of more than 30,000. It uses TCP/IP, RS485, USB ports to communicate. The product has 50 time zones and can be divided into five groups and 10 combinations . It has alarm function for intrusion, tamper and duress alarms. It supports multi-language, including English, Chinese and other customizable languages. This special access control system is designed to international standards. It can access LAN and VPN via RS232 and 485 or TCP/IP modules.

The SW-FP1 fingerprint access control system from Safesky Technology provides for easy operation and storage of fingerprints without PINs or cards. Its supports Wiegand26 interface technology, which can be adapted to most systems. It has auto finger detection that offers single-contact fingerprint identification. The product also has advanced fingerprint algorithms, ensuring accuracy, while offering an intuitive LCD operating guide. The industrial-strength design means that it can stand up to harsh weather conditions.

Cometˇs MF-626-1-1 is a fingerprint access control and attendance recorder with video doorphone. Sensor area is 16 millimeters by 14 millimeters with accepted fingerprint angle of ∮45. The interface supports multi-language, including Chinese, English and Korean. Fingerprint control approval mode includes fingerprint, password and ID card. Door opening overtime, illegal door open or dismantlement triggers an alarm. Operating temperature is -10 to 65 degrees Celsius.

Fingerprint Locks

The L2000 fingerprint lock from Anviz Biometric Technology features a sturdy zinc alloy front panel, a water-resistant, bidirectional lock structure and automatic self-lock after door close. It offers a unique doublecircuit design, automatic fault detection, emergency door-open mode and durable water-resistant coated PCB circuit board. Clear voice prompt and all operations, door-open, door-close, enrollment and deletion of fingerprint are easy to use. The lock can be set for free entry when needed during meetings. The product feature mini USB interface or TCP/IP (optional) for easy recording. Fingerprint can be stored to IC cards for central management and standalone identification.

The RL-5C fingerprint door lock from Relong Group features combines fingerprint and password. The double stainless-steel integrated structure has U.S. standard five-bolt, three-linkage electronic cores. Its optical sensor has high resolution (500 dpi) and a fingerprint capacity of 240. Fingerprint door lock authentication speed is less than 1 second. FAR is less than 1 percent and FRR is less than 0.0001 percent.

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