Intelligent Detection Suite V10

Ipsotek's Intelligent Detection Suite V10 provides audio-visual capability, advanced video analytics and scenario-based detection, and integrates with all existing systems as well as offering limitless, cost-effective scalability. Ipsotek's software is both sophisticated and highly refined, featuring several patented software applications and uniquely offers audio and video detection capability.

The Intelligent Detection Suite incorporates scenario-based detection, which allows threats specific to the environment to be identified. Use of combined audio and video triggers has opened a new front in analytical detection, with behavior including fighting, aggression and gunshots all now immediately detectable. Furthermore, using combined audio and video cues allows even greater levels of alarm reliability, minimizing operator distraction and boosting efficiency. Ipsotek's software also offers enhanced post-incident video analysis tools to allow faster, targeted, forensic analysis.

The software is fully compatible with nearly all types of analog and digital cameras andwith up to 80 channels per server - - extremely scalable. Ipsotek uses patented, proprietary hardware running the most powerful processors available in the analytics market . This allows the software to run smoothly in environments with high footfall, poor weather and changing lighting conditions.

 Audio visual capability
 Advanced video analytics
 Scenario-based detection
 Integration with all existing systems
 Limitless, cost-effective scalability

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