Chinese Video Doorphone Manufacturers Focusing on Appearance

Unique appearances are how Chinese video doorphone manufacturers are differentiating their products. For international markets, systems consist of fewer extension units. In addition, single systems for families are proving highly popular.

Elegant, thin products with wider screens and sliding covers are in vogue. Since most flaunt similar functions and features, appearance is considered as the best way to make a sale. Genwayˇs CM-02NERV6 video doorphone, for example, has a sliding coverits own innovation. The Genway CM-02NERV6 direct-call video system also benefits from five-inch, TFT-LCDscreens, which provide wider visuals. The Hui Rui Tong WRT-11 series has color, 3.5-inch, TFT-LCD monitors and Maichiˇs MC-528F66 IR video doorphone offers a maximum of 5.6 inches for the same reason.

Chinese video doorphone manufacturers have also developed systems with fewer units to suit overseas markets where there are more detached houses and small apartment buildings. Such houses or apartments usually have three to five rooms, making room-to-room intercoms useful.

Aurineˇs A4-M10C*N multi-user series gate camera system with 32 extensions is perfect for smaller apartment buildings. While newly developed WRT-11 series is ideal for houses. One door station links up to four door phones and a room-to-room intercom is also available. Furthermore, the JB-302 villa video doorphones system is suitable for villas, apartments and offices, while the Maichi MC-528F66 IR video doorphone supports two doorbells and cameras that work with four or eight indoor monitors that feature room-to-room intercoms and call transfer.

Video doorphone systems often suffer from complicated installation and wiring. Cables and labor normally account for a considerable percentage of project cost. To deal with this, Chinese manufacturers are updating products to provide simpler installation and wiring.

Video quality is also important as transmission quality and capacity pose limitations. Because of cost considerations, however, most manufacturers do not user high-quality cameras; yet, Chinese companies are looking to IR functions to upgrade their models.

The JB-302 video doorphone system, for example, has a fixed outdoor unit with infrared light-emitting diodes and automatic backlight compensation, enabling view of images at night. Even in environments with minimum illuminations as low as 0.1 lux, the A4-M10C*N multi-user series still provides clear images. A pinhole camera with infrared LED compensation is how the WRT-11 series solves such visual problems.

Normally, it is not possible to monitor main station panels installed outdoors so vandal-proof and water-proof features are important, especially in overseas markets with houses located in rural areas. The MC-528F66 IR video doorphone, for example, has both water-proof and anti-sabotage features to provide better protection of outdoor panel stations. The A4-M10C*N multi-user series boasts a water-proof case and button as well as dust-proof design, while the WRT-11 and FZH-11C series come with vandal-resistant panels to give outstanding protection.

For indoor video doorphone products, attractive appearances and entertaining features like video on demand and multiple doorbell melodies are the way to attract customer attention. The MC-528F66 IR video doorphone has 10 different melodies, while the CM-02NERV6 system has optional customized double ding-dong rings or melodies.

Looking at other upgrades, the A4-M10C*N multi-user series comes with an innovative name card directory that can be removed and renewed for easy identification. Remote door release and call transfer are new functions of the JB-302 video doorphone system. Finally, the MC-528F66 IR video doorphone provides a mute function and adjustable volume, brightness and color.

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