FCB-EX1010 Color Camera Module

The FCB-EX1010 color block camera incorporates a 1/4-type ExView HAD CCD along with exceptional picture quality and high zoom capabilities (432x with optical zoom). In addition, the FCB-EX1010 features a 36x zoom lens with Sony's wide-D as well as horizontal resolution of 530 TV lines, improved motion detection, spherical privacy zone masking with mosaic effect, and enhanced multi lines (more than two) for titles. The FCB-EX1010 also features slow AE response that automatically slows the rate at which exposure level changes. The rate can be set up to 32 times slower than when full auto or priority mode is selected.

Ability to capture images in low-light conditions down to 0.1 lux is further enhanced by a slow auto-exposure response, which allows monitoring of areas where lighting is prone to abrupt changes. Sony's wide-dynamic technology further improves performance by exploiting a combination of progressive scanning and image processing. A DSP integrated within the camera then combines the two images to reproduce the high contrast of the original view. The 36x optical zoom lens is augmented by a 12x digital zoom, allowing users to home in on small or distant objects with exceptional clarity. The FCB-EX1010 includes improved built-in motion detection features to help OEMs design automated security and safety systems. The camera also offers a wide maximum field of view of 57.8 degrees.

 1/4-type ExView HAD CCD
 Slow AE response
 Picture freeze
 Mosaic effect of spherical privacy zone masking
 Multi lines for titles
 Electronic shutter and slow shutter
 Key switch connector (CN601)

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