High Compatibility Defines Newly Launched Card Readers

The newly launched access control card readers are able to integrate RFID and biometric identification, compatible with existing TCP/IP, RS-485 or Wiegand 26/32/34 and EM or Mifare technologies. In the following, we provided some contactless smart card readers with keypads to produce a front-end security to the access control. The weatherproof and vandal resistant cases could ensure more reliable performance in any environments.

The high developing Chinese access control industry contributes to its rapid growth of residential community construction and human needs for more secure living environment. Chinese players have invented many advanced solutions catering for a variety of special requirements in different applications. For instance, they created multi-functioned card solutions for access control at doors, and parking lots. They can also be used at vending machines or used as money to purchase at school cafeterias and loaning books in the libraries or functioned as remote control to turn on power or water.

Currently, players possess not only more sophisticated technology but also products and systems that come with more advanced functions. The software is provided along with the manual in different language versions and the functions are carefully revised as the needs of European customers are very different from those of Chinese ones. Key players in China now have more success in exporting their reader products for access control systems.

Enhanced Card Reader

Keypad units feature 12 keys and are compatible with all access controllers. Chinese keypad card readers sell well in overseas markets because of competitive price. Major suppliers offer their products within stable quality and stylish design compatible with EM or Mifare cards. Take Kingdom Elid and Sebury for example.

Kingdom Elid has full SMD assembly facilities, including automatic computer-based pick-place assembly lines, ensuring its consistency in quality. Kingdom Elidˇs ER-0802-E01/M01 proximity reader has black ABS casing and one new 128 mm by 64 mm OLED display. It features buzzers in bilingual Chinese and English modes and translucent silicon rubber keypad with blue backlit. It supports EM or Mifare cards, Wiegand 26/32 (card and PIN) with output up to 152 m reading distance and 12 V DC power supply.

For Sebury, its K3, mini all-in-one device is their latest product with robust metal finish and developed with their long-term collaborator, Melcom in the U.K. Its TMC Machinery equipments could guarantee the stability and quality of its products. It features integrated access controller functions and exquisite slim design, compatible with EM cards, reading range up to 10 cm with 1000 user-capacity and door open detection. K3 series is suitable for luxurious office building, hotel, factory, villa, and apartment applications. Since 1995, Sebury has manufactured and exported security equipment, including proximity access control systems, garage and gate barrier operators, cable and wire converters, card-reading modules and chips, and proximity card readers.

Sophisticated Readers

Other suppliers who already had extensive experience in manufacturing access control systems are Coson and Reformer. Conson is able to produce products that could control systems with 500 doors or more. And Reformer; an early player established in 1993, is targeting high-end markets. To meet the different needs for international markets, they provide branded products with sophisticated design and functions.

Coson, established in 1994, took the lead in contactless card systems in China; its contactless IC card systems were first used for access control in 1997, combined with multiple functions in access control, time and attendance, elevator control, e-scouting, parking, reader systems, network access systems and car guards. In 1998, in one of its key moves, it formed a partnership with Legic; it was licensed to develop, produce and promote Legic products in 1999. Today, its main line of products is its 6800series of door controls and card controls with software. Since 1998, the company has also moved to do more branding.

Cosonˇs latest REBIT SRX312RS REBIT proximity reader works at 13.56 MHz radio frequency and conforms to the ISO14443A standard and American installation standard of electrical appliance. Its delicate and robust design enhances the ease of installed in non-metal door frames or in the regular 120 *120 mm holders. REBIT supports Wiegand 26/34 output, data memory saving and writing in functions. It is compatible with different brands of access controllers. The product can be configured to read any brands of Mifare card and achieve reading range from 7 to 10 cm. The capacity of reading and writing is over 100,000 times. By switching the jumper, users can easily change its mode. With operating voltage of 9V to 15V DC and 80 to 90 mA power consumption, REBIT is robust in operation at temperature from -25 degree to +70 degree and the working environment within 10~90 percent humidity. These are simple products that can be self-installed in small offices or homes within silver and black color appearance. No other software needed.

Reformer has been providing smartcard solutions for campuses since 1993 and began focusing on access control for the security industry in 2002. Its solutions are adopted in the front door system for the Peopleˇs Government of Tianjin City, and the parking lots at the Peopleˇs Government of Beijing City. With a strong software background from the IT field, the company has the technical ability to respond quickly to market needs. Reformer holds the strengths in problem solving, customizations, and comprehensive solution planning. In addition, Reformer is one of the few Chinese companies willing to put much investment for a unique product design.

Its RC/RD90 series card reader, made by IML technology is specially designed for high-end construction applications. The inner tamper device has water- and dust-proof structure and two inner inputs, and the reader can display the swipe state (success or defeat) by LBD. RC/RD90 series support multiple networking protocols such as RS485, WG26, WG34 and TCP/IP. Optional card types include Mifare One and EM. Its dimension is 87 mm in length by 87 mm width by 21 mm in height.

Future Development

In the future, vendors will keep focusing on developing access control products and systems that have networking functions, higher reading frequency and larger capacity. Such systems are suitable for large factories use, which is being a crucial market sector and full of product demands. Many leading suppliers, such as Coson, are looking forward to incorporating CCTV and DVR products into its systems as a total solution, which gradually becomes a market trend.

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