Rugged Onboard Bus Information System

Rugged Onboard Bus Information System
>>Introduction EVA Airways Corporation (EVA Air) is an international airline which also runs a city to airport transit bus service. Far EasTone Telecommunications Company Limited (FET) is a major mobile service provider in Taiwan. Both businesses face increasing competition, so to create an advertising window, they decided to cooperate on developing a real-time digital signage service on EVA Airˇs bus fleet. The innovative plan was driven mainly by FETˇs 3G Wideband Code Division Multiple Access (W-CDMA) cellular network. Simultaneously, EVA decided to use the opportunity to install a new bus fleet management platform. This unique cooperative effort between the two firms provided a new source of income, and a chance to offer practical real-time services, not to mention a great chance to increase the operational efficiency of EVA Airˇs bus fleet. EVA Air needed: A rugged vehicle computer with a fanless and vibration-resistant design A powerful and open platform for easy software and peripheral integration Easy communications expansion with GPS, GPRS, CDMA and WLAN modules >>Solution Each bus has a DVS-350Z rugged embedded platform installed with an integrated FETnet 3G card bus module. The DVS-350Z drives two displays: one large VGA panel for digital signage, and a 7〃 LCD for the driverˇs GIS and dispatch functions. USB or CF based GPS is optional. An integrated WLAN is used to download video and audio signage content when the bus arrives at the terminal. The 3G module is used to receive real-time information, such as flight arrival and departure times, which are transmitted to the signage display. The key elements for success: Advantech shared its worldwide vetical-application experience with EVA Air for more efficient fleet management toward its transit bus services using GIS. Advantech provides a field-proven in-vehicle computing platform that endures harsh environmental conditions such as unstable power, shock, vibration, dust, humidity and wide temperature variations. Advantech combined its in-vehicle and digital signage application experience to help EVA Air integrate all functions into one platform. >>Benefits EVA Air has generated new advertising income from the digital signage system and live content updates over a 3G network for better customer communications. More passenger services such as WLAN Web access are possible with the integrated 3G and WLAN. Multiple functions integrated into one solid platform have reduced component costs. EVA Air has benefited in the following ways: The reliability of the DVS-350Z reduces the need for after sales service. Hardware and software investment is protected because Advantech will support the DVS-350Z over the long-term. The DVS-350Z is compact enough for easy installation in buses, has built-in WLAN, a card bus slot for a 3G module along with USB, COM, CF and DIO ports for quick integration of peripherals. The Pentium M processor is fast enough to run multiple simultaneous applications, like device control, digital signage and GIS functions. Integrated video capture functions are optional.

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