Local Satisfaction for Chinese Brands

Just like what we conducted in the previous years, after the result for Top 10 Chinese security brands coming out, A&S editors randomly surveyed 100 security systems integrators and installers regarding Chinese brands in terms of customer's satisfaction, product quality, technological innovation, after-sales service and distribution channels.

The pol led indicated that 50 percent of buyers were satisfied with local products. 40 percent of whom said fair and 10 percent was very satisfied. Compared to the result in 2006, the percentage of local brand increased 4 percent. Meanwhile, this year is the first year that local satisfaction toward local brands reaches 60 percent. [See Chart 1]

In the second and third poll, we surveyed the percentage of those local buyers buying local products. Again, the result is also quite positive. 70 percent of who said the amount that they purchased local brands increased at about 29 percent. 27 percent said the amount was still the same. 74 percent of the buyers revealed that they would keep purchasing local brands in 2008. This result is almost the same as the last year's survey.

Gene r a l ly spe aking, the tot a l satisfaction and purchase percentage of local buyers for local brands had a significant increase in 2007. The most popular product items they chose local brands are first DVR, intercoms and then fiber optic transceivers and video servers. This explains a higher number of local brands in digital surveillance chosen by local buyers than overseas brands. According to many of the local buyers here in China, the general quality of local digital surveillance products has been largely improved, becoming the most important key point. The quality improvement in DVR, for example, should contribute to the chipsets that the manufacturers chose. Hikvision, Dahua, Dali and Hanbang are regarded as high-end products in China and mentioned most often by local users. [See Chart 4 for more details]

Another survey also shows that the market sectors in China that adopt more local brands are real-estate/logistic, retails, schools, industrial business and hospitals. However, in financial and government sectors, there is still a high tendency in purchasing internationallyknown brands. This might reflect the similar situations as other overseas markets toward the acceptance toward Chinese brands.

However, the product items such as CCTV camera and alarm, due to the lack of the core technologies, still take more time to be able to compete with other internationally-known brands in China. This result is almost the same as other markets in the world. Even though the export amount of CCTV cameras, such as speed domes or box cameras is larger than other product items, generally speaking, in terms of critical applications, the Chinese brands still do not have much edge.

But, again, the general strength of Chinese brands either in China or other markets now is still in its cost effectiveness. Therefore, the key role Chinese brands playing in mid-to lowend markets in the globe is still quite important. To increase the market share in the high-end markets, Chinese brands in DVR and intercoms might have more strength than others. However, in general, the enhancement toward total quality in stability, innovation, core technology, and detailed design for user friendliness, component selection, external design and even the way of doing business needs be done as soon as possible for the total upgrade of Chinese products.

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Local Satisfaction for Chinese Brands

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