Security Industry New Product of the Year: Privaris? plusID? Personal Biometric Token Wins Prestigious Award

Privaris, a leading provider of wireless identity verification solutions, announced today that its plusID personal biometric token was named the New Product of the Year by Access Control and Security Systems, in the publicationˇs sixth annual award competition. The award honors excellence in new product development in the security industry, and showcases the most innovative product of the current year, recognizing the talent and commitment of the people involved in every aspect of development, from concept through sales.

¨We are delighted to extend this yearˇs award to Privaris for their unique approach to identity verification,〃 said Larry Anderson, editor of Access Control and Security Systems. ¨All of our finalists demonstrated a resolute commitment to addressing todayˇs security challenges, but Privarisˇ groundbreaking approach to biometrics offers organizations in any industry not just an effective solution to the problem of reliable identity verification, but a convenient and simple one.〃

Privarisˇ plusID products are the industryˇs first personal identity verification tokens to provide secure access to multiple physical facilities, computers and networks, adding the heightened security of biometrics through a convenient and cost-effective delivery model. plusID works seamlessly with existing physical and logical (IT) security systems without requiring the installation of any new hardware or software, providing organizations a converged security solution that can be rapidly deployed. The key-fob sized device ensures personal privacy by performing all biometric processing, including matching, on the user's personal device, rather than an external biometric database. It is tamper-resistant and built to withstand digital and physical attack.

¨Receiving this well-respected industry award from Access Control and Security Systems and its readership further validates plusID as a simple yet innovative solution to ˉprove itˇs youˇ,〃 said John Petze, CEO of Privaris. ¨Biometric technology has made tremendous advances and is by far the most reliable method of identity verification, but conventional approaches to biometric security solutions continue to hamper adoption rates. An organization can issue plusID in minutes to provide higher levels of security across multiple applications by working with their existing installed security systems, and without a biometric database. Itˇs a simple, secure and private approach to identity verification.〃

Twenty finalists were chosen for the New Product of the Year Award by security industry leaders at the ASIS International conference in Las Vegas, September 2007.

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