HID Identityˇ Unveiled at ISC West

HID Global has launched ¨HID Identity,〃 a new organization offering a comprehensive set of solutions for the deployment of contact and contactless smart card-based identity credentials. HID Identity has been created through a combination of AccessID, a custom security card solutions provider, and Synercard, developer of photo ID card and application control software.

The new organization will benefit end users by providing solutions and expertise that will help streamline and simplify the acquisition and issuance of access control and multiapplication credentials. HID Identity will help end users achieve an important identity management goal by issuing a single secure credential that links the enterpriseˇs diverse set of applications.

By merging AccessID and Synercard, HID Global has combined specialists in the design and manufacture of secure access control and identity credentials with experts in the design and development of software used to personalize, provision and issue credentials. The result is an HID Identity team with the ability to help dealers and integrators provide end-to-end secure identity credential products and services.

HID Identity will offer its suite of solutions through integrator, dealer, distribution and OEM channels. The organization will be based in North Haven, Conn. Products and services will be available to international customers through HID Globalˇs regional sales and service organizations based in the United Kingdom and Hong Kong.

Denis Hebert, president and CEO, HID Global, says, ¨This corporate move was a logical first step in a phased approach designed to provide HIDˇs customers with the most comprehensive set of solutions available and more effectively service our existing access control channels as well as emerging vertical markets such as higher education, government, transportation and financial services.〃

A component of HID Identity will focus on providing OEMs with trusted software platforms, as well as assisting channel partners with integration services to end customers. The organization will also leverage HID Globalˇs Fargo embedded/encoded printer solutions, along with its network of more than 100 application solutions partners.

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