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Daycare Surveillance Cloud System

Daycare Surveillance Cloud System
A Surveillance System conforms to the requirements for daycare, aiming at providing a more thorough security and protection against child abuse and negligence.
A Surveillance System conforms to the requirements for daycare, aiming at providing a more thorough security and protection against child abuse and negligence.

Vacron Daycare Surveillance Cloud System

As the public focuses much more on children's safety, we have built a Daycare Surveillance System to meet the needs, providing more thorough security and protection.

The system solves the problem of missing videos, and further avoids the possibility of human-caused deletion of crucial evidence, ensuring that child abuse can be spotted and dealt with swiftly.

Preventive Alert

Different from the common usage of checking the record after, DSCS is equipped with AI analysis to conduct an "Anomaly Alert" before the incident.

Children and toddler stumble recognition

When the ratio between the teacher and students is large, accidents could be hard to notice timely when they take place out of sight. DSCS will alert promptly when stumbles or other unsafe acts are detected, allowing the staff to check in time, and lower the risk of delay.

Human access alert at certain areas and during certain times

Could be applied at concerned areas, places where children are not allowed to be, or during certain times which staff are more likely to overlook, and give proactive alerts to inform staff to check.

People Detection System and Children Stranded Alert

People Detection System could be applied in areas where children should not be staying or with no adults around, lowering the likelihood of loopholes caused by human patrol.

Applicable occasions:
  1. Empty classrooms after school: Applying the AI camera in the classroom to track the movement of children to avoid stranding in the classroom after school. Once detecting children stranded, the AI system will inform managers, lowering the chances of an accident occurring.
  2. School buses: To avoid the occurrence of children lingering after arrival, the human detection system combined with vehicle surveillance systems to lower the chances of an accident.

Access Control with Face Recognition

With Facial Recognition and Access Control combined, the entrance will only be opened for incomer within the list to avoid the entry of outsiders, while lowering the likelihood of possible gaps resulting in human patrol and the inability to check the security camera at all times.

Device abnormal alert

The DSCS will detect abnormal functioning, such as black screen and abnormal collating, and alert the staff to check.
Event Dealing

Cloud drive storage

The DSCS is equipped with Vacron Smart Cloud, allowing automatic backup storage, and the record will be kept for 30 days with no access for any external deletes. Moreover, Vacron Smart Cloud will check the device is functioning normally as well as the quality of the record, and alert when anomaly events occur.

Besides that, the Vacron Smart Cloud system is a data archive built by Vacron, securing users' video information safety.

Smart search

The DSCS will leave a time mark whenever an abnormal or people are detected, and with intelligence searching, it could effectively reduce the time of replaying and checking, making the daycare apply data management easier to operate and user-friendly, and decrease the omission caused by pressure when searching.

Secutech Taipei

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