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Syntronix's launch of Syntronix Single-Chip AI Computer

Syntronix's launch of Syntronix Single-Chip AI Computer
With the gradual development of IoT and the rapid growth of computer computing and storage capabilities, “AI” has leapt into our daily lives.
With the gradual development of IoT and the rapid growth of computer computing and storage capabilities, “AI” has leapt into our daily lives. Syntronix has also begun to delve into the Edge AI market since 2023. We are looking forward to developing an affordable and high-performance AI chip through our own research and development, letting more people enjoy the convenience of Artificial Intelligence.

Syntronix stated that it is expected to launch a Syntronix Single-Chip AI Computer in the second half of 2024. This IC will use 3D Wafer-on-Wafer (WOW) technology to lead the market in integrating logic and DRAM manufacturing. Due to the future direction of industry development, if manufacturers can integrate software functions on a single chip, make it the core of the overall operation and let go of their insistence on their own products, they can create a platform with a more open application space, and all roles can be integrated with each other. Only in this way can we create maximum benefits.

In addition to the integration of logic and DRAM, precise computing processes are also very important. Syntronix Single-Chip AI Computer will adopt the market's mainstream Tensorflow Lite for Microcontroller computing architecture, support Int-8, Int-16 precision, and correspond to neural network models such as CNN and RNN. It has complete toolchain support and can easily convert various AI frameworks. The network model performs edge AI image recognition with faster computing speed and lower power consumption. It also helps customers speed up product development through testing and verification of the voice network model and related applications. Syntronix Single-Chip AI Computer can be used in diverse fields such as consumer electronics, automotive, care, factory and retail.

The R&D team of Syntronix stated that in addition to cutting-edge technology and excellent product performance, a mature AI chip is also very important to have fast identification capabilities. Syntronix Single-Chip AI Computer can load images into AI models commonly used in the industry through the Camera Interface, complete object recognition in a very short time, and then quickly output it to the LCD display.

Taking the application of Yolo v3-tiny as an example, according to the company's internal testing, the chip can distinguish the difference between an apple and a banana within 0.2 seconds, and frame the position of the main target object on the LCD and display the marked object name.

In addition to recognition speed, recognition accuracy is also a major focus of Synronix. Compared to traditional MCUs, Syntronix Single-Chip AI Computer can determine species more accurately. Take the Mobilenetv2 application as an example. When we need to identifying animal categories such as ostriches, it can accurately identify the species name, and at the same time has a good prediction probability. The identification speed is ahead of most similar AI chips in the industry, meeting the needs of the consumer electronics and automotive markets.

Syntronix Single-Chip AI Computer is a general-purpose AI chip that targets the mid-range and low-end markets. Instead of accelerating design for a single model, the overall performance is maintained at a consistently high level, and the price is more affordable.

Secutech Taipei

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Event date: 24 -26 April 2024
Location: 1F, Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 1

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