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AxxonSoft introduces the new generation of its intelligent, unified video management system

AxxonSoft introduces the new generation of its intelligent, unified video management system
Axxon One video management system version 2.0 is here with the new features and technologies to improve the efficiency and usability of your security systems.
Axxon One video management system version 2.0 is here with the new features and technologies to improve the efficiency and usability of your security systems. The new release introduces integrations with various physical security systems, making Axxon One a unified VMS. Other enhancements include new AI video analytics and intelligent search functionalities, hardened cybersecurity, usability and performance improvements, and expanded cloud capabilities.


Unification provides an effective approach to security that ensures a comprehensive and accurate assessment of the situation based on data from multiple sources. It also enables the application of complex response scenarios tailored to specific situations, making security measures more precise and effective.

ACS, FSA, PIDS integration

Streamline your security infrastructure based on seamless integration of Axxon One VMS with access control systems, fire/security alarms, and perimeter intrusion detection systems. With the ability to automatically extract configurations from the connected equipment and add devices to the system’s object tree, managing your security network has never been smoother. The integration also allows for the correlation of camera footage with events unfolding across integrated systems, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of incidents.

Visualize the big picture by displaying critical events and device statuses directly on the map or dedicated panels, enabling quicker response times. Take command by utilizing the map interface to control devices and manage your security ecosystem with ease.

POS supervision

Axxon One integrates with cash registers, capturing data and associating it with video feeds. The text from receipts and cash register events are superimposed on the video as titles and stored in a database. Utilizing text search through these titles enables you to retrieve POS transaction videos from recorded footage, offering a comprehensive view of activities at the checkout. This capability aids in identifying violations that may be challenging to detect through conventional video surveillance methods.

Moreover, Axxon One provides customizable reports that can be tailored and obtained through AxxonSoft’s cloud service. These reports can combine POS transaction and video analytics data from multiple stores, accompanied by the corresponding video footage.

AI video analytics and intelligent search

Being a pioneer in intelligent search technologies for recorded video, AxxonSoft is now expanding these functionalities in its product using the latest AI technology advancements. As a result, there are even more options available to help you find what you need faster. Just set your search criteria, and you’ll have the results in seconds.

Similarity search

AI analytics extracts human appearance metadata, such as hair color and clothing type, and stores it in a database. Whether you’re pinpointing a person within a live video frame or uploading a photo for analysis, Axxon One’s unparalleled capabilities swiftly navigate through vast video archives. Sorting through metadata sourced from multiple cameras, an intelligent algorithm quickly identifies and presents similar individuals, elevating efficiency and precision in your search endeavors.

Vehicle make and model recognition

AI analytics technology expands vehicle monitoring and searching capabilities by identifying makes and models, classes, speeds, and colors within a traffic flow in real time. No detail goes unnoticed, empowering you with precise insights for comprehensive traffic analysis. But that’s not all: with Axxon One, your search for specific video recordings becomes remarkably efficient as you can quickly filter through a multitude of cameras using these distinctive vehicle attributes. Stay steps ahead in surveillance with Axxon One and experience a new level of intelligent and proactive security.

Instant event search in the web client

Pinpoint specific areas within the frame and swiftly locate all instances of motion within that designated region. Axxon One seamlessly integrates with smart cameras to receive metadata, enabling resource-optimized intelligent search. Experience the efficiency of Instant Event Search — a powerful and user-friendly tool that eliminates the need for intricate configurations.

Cybersecurity and data privacy

Ensure the security of your video management software with robust cybersecurity measures, including data encryption. AxxonSoft prioritizes cybersecurity to prevent unauthorized interference with your VMS operations and facilitates data privacy and compliance with data protection regulations.

Hardened cybersecurity

Axxon One 2.0 guarantees secure end-to-end connections through the implementation of the HTTPS protocol, ensuring that transmitted data is protected with TLS encryption. It supports secure camera connections to both on-premises and cloud-based Axxon One VMS servers. The desktop client establishes a connection to the server via a single port, aligning with corporate security policies. Users are now prompted to change the default password upon initial login, with more stringent password strength requirements in place.

Dynamic privacy masking

Aligning with the requirements of GDPR and other data protection protocols, Axxon One now offers a solution to safeguard sensitive information in both live and recorded video streams. By harnessing the power of an intelligent, resource-optimized algorithm, this feature masks moving objects within the camera’s field of view, all while demanding minimal computing resources. Moreover, the integration of AI detection allows for the precise masking of designated objects, be they in motion or stationery, affording users unparalleled control over their privacy management.


Check out the streamlined Axxon One VMS user interface that becomes even more handy in the 2.0 release. Level up your security and get the most out of the GUI usability with the new Axxon One 2.0 features.

Advanced user rights management

The new release of Axxon One is designed to elevate your security management experience. With default rights, you can configure camera access rights across all user roles, ensuring streamlined permissions as cameras are connected. Simplify your control further with camera group rights, enabling the swift assignment of access privileges to entire camera groups for specific user roles. Embracing flexibility, users can now have multiple roles simultaneously, tailoring their engagements to precise operational needs.

OSM and Google Maps integration

Experience seamless integration with OpenStreetMap (OSM) and Google Maps when utilizing the interactive map in either our desktop, web, or mobile client. You can opt for bitmap or vector geo-maps, enhancing flexibility. Geo-maps offer adaptability for large and distributed systems. They are consistently updated by their providers, ensuring you always have access to the most current site maps. Elevate your mapping experience for enhanced monitoring and situational awareness.

Alarm handling

The new Alarm Board within the desktop client showcases active alarms arranged by priority. Users can assess events and provide comments on alarms directly from the board or opt to open a detailed view to review event videos. Alarm escalation is also available and can be utilized for streamlining event handling by a team of operators.

Web and cloud

AxxonSoft offers a package of cloud and web technologies to provide you with secure remote access and instant VMS scalability.

Multi-site connectivity via the cloud

Our desktop client offers seamless connectivity to VMS servers across various locations via the cloud, utilizing Axxon VSaaS Datacenter, or through direct connections. With the convenience of a single client, you can oversee and manage independent systems at different sites. Simultaneous multi-site access empowers you to use layouts comprising cameras from different locations, enhancing your monitoring capabilities.

Enhanced web client capabilities

AxxonSoft’s web client can be used as part of our cloud service or separately, providing nearly the same monitoring functionalities as the desktop client and eliminating the need for installing additional software.

Discover the convenience of multi-camera viewing: Now, with Axxon One’s web client, you can configure layouts and watch live or recorded video from multiple cameras at once.

Efficient GPU-powered H.265 video decoding: Experience smoother video playback in standard web browsers thanks to H.265 video decoding on GPU. This reduces the strain on your client computer’s CPU, ensuring a more efficient and responsive user experience.

Object storage integration

Our VMS platform offers seamless compatibility with leading cloud object storage services, including Microsoft Azure Storage, Seagate Lyve Cloud, and Wasabi. Capture the benefits of a dynamic cloud environment as video footage from on-premises and cloud-based Axxon One VMS servers can now be securely stored in the cloud, ensuring flexibility and peace of mind. Storage-as-a-service scales up and down instantly, so you always have the space you need for your video without spending time and money on hardware procurement.

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