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Solar-powered security: Hikvision’s innovative response to off-grid video security challenges

Solar-powered security: Hikvision’s innovative response to off-grid video security challenges
Advancements in solar power are helping companies come up with video security systems that can work off-grid. One of the most active players in this segment is Hikvision Digital Technology which offers a wide range of solar-powered security solutions.
Traditional video security solutions are great, but only when you can ensure an uninterrupted power supply. You can have some of the most advanced cameras and monitoring systems, but they may not work well in scenarios where no power is supplied.
This remains a primary concern in many situations. In remote, off-grid locations, the inadequacy of traditional, grid-dependent video security solutions leaves sites vulnerable and poorly monitored.
Fortunately, the advancements in solar power are helping companies come up with video security systems that can work off-grid. One of the most active players in this segment is Hikvision Digital Technology which offers a wide range of integrated solar-powered security solutions for a range of verticals. This article explores how Hikvision’s solar-powered cameras are altering the physical security landscape.

Designed to meet specific concerns

Hikvision’s solar-powered video security systems utilize the abundant and renewable energy of the sun to provide remote locations with a viable security option. By integrating solar power into their systems, cameras in off-grid environments become autonomous, sustainable, and, most importantly, reliable.
“By combining front-end and back-end products as well as management platforms, Hikvision provides a portfolio of solar-powered solutions for off-grid scenarios, which includes the 4G solar-powered camera kit, wireless bridge, and mobile solar security tower solutions,” explained Leo Chen, Solution Manager at Hikvision. “Hikvision’s integrated solar-powered solutions break free from the power and network cables, providing a flexible and reliable resource to manage standalone sites and temporary applications. With HCP and other software, users can easily check on-site situations and system operations to facilitate visual management.”
These solutions greatly reduce barriers to the installation and use of video security systems and help end users reduce the cost of system deployment in scenarios without electricity or a network.
“We designed these solar-powered solutions for specific application scenarios,” Chen said. “Many standalone sites typically lack basic infrastructure. High costs and difficult terrain for electricity and internet wiring pose serious challenges for security installations. Here, we provide 4G and wireless bridge solutions for areas without power supply and an internet connection, making standalone site management flexible, reliable, and simple.”
Specific outdoor locales, including construction sites and oil and gas fields, often necessitate temporary but robust security measures. In such contexts, a swift, adaptable video security solution is crucial to safeguard vital assets. It's within these demands that Hikvision's innovative mobile solar security tower finds its true utility and prowess.

Why choose Hikvision?

The increased popularity of solar power has prompted many companies to consider offering these solutions. Unfortunately, not all of them are reliable enough to work uninterrupted in every scenario. Chen pointed out that his company transcends basic offerings to prioritize customer safety at all times.
“While solar-powered solutions have become more common in today's market, Hikvision sets itself apart through meticulous attention to design detail,” Chen said. “Our solutions incorporate elements such as modular batteries, integrated kits, a seamless blend of hardware and software, and built-in Wi-Fi configuration, among other features, underscoring our commitment to comprehensive and practical security solutions. These features help solve many pain points of customers in product selection, transportation, installation, and maintenance.”
The company’s intentional focus on design details illustrates its dedication to improving user experience and operational efficiency. The inclusion of modular batteries and integrated kits shows a clear understanding of the dynamic needs of today’s customers. The addition of a built-in WiFi setup considerably simplifies installation and maintenance. The intelligent combination of these factors yields more than just a product—it offers a comprehensive, user-friendly solution.

How to ensure continuous and reliable operation?

Of course, switching to solar power doesn’t make challenges obsolete. In fact, it comes with its own set of fresh concerns, like availability during limited sunlight conditions. Understanding these nuanced situations and offering workarounds is critical. Often being installed in outdoor settings, these cameras also need to withstand harsh conditions.
“With the ultra-low power consumption design and power management technology, the energy requirement of solar-powered cameras is reduced by at least 50 percent compared to traditional cameras,” Chen said. “And these also bring in a significant reduction in the weight and size of solar panels and batteries, making the solution lighter with an overall weight of less than 15KG, ensuring easy installation.”
Chen added that Hikvision has ensured that their solution has a good environmental adaptability design, with supporting IP67 protection, resisting strong winds, and working at temperatures as low as -20 degrees.

Success of solar-powered solution deployment

Chen explained that Hikvision has had significant success with its solar solution. For instance, economic concerns, post-pandemic supply chain woes, and rising prices of construction materials have contributed to more theft events at construction sites in many countries, raising concerns among builders, project managers, and contractors. This has prompted an increased need for better video security solutions that meet challenging conditions.
“A real estate developer leveraged our solar-powered solution in their development project, valuing its ease of installation and flexibility,” Chen said. “This not only expedited the video security deployment but also curtailed associated costs, ensuring efficient and effective protection of the construction site. Our solution ensured that they were able to take their mind off loss prevention to focus on building their business and growth.”
Of course, this is just one of the scenarios where the solution comes in useful. With an increasing number of security threats and bad actors targeting power grids to cause take advantage of the potential chaos, Hikvision’s solar-powered solutions could become an inevitable addition in multiple verticals.


At a time when physical security challenges are complex, solar-powered video security systems from Hikvision emerge as an innovative solution, especially for off-grid locations. Bypassing conventional power supply limitations, these systems provide seamless, robust security, thereby transforming the future of video security.
With modular batteries, integrated kits, and built-in Wi-Fi configuration, Hikvision's emphasis on user-friendly design redefines customer expectations by providing not only products but also comprehensive solutions. The company’s ability to address the inherent challenges of solar power is further evidence of its dedication to dependable, adaptable security solutions.
Hikvision’s adaptability and efficacy are evident in the success of their deployment at a variety of locations, particularly in outdoor settings requiring temporary but robust protection. With increasing security threats, such as targeted assaults on power grids, Hikvision's solar-powered solutions are poised to become an integral component of the security infrastructure in a variety of industries.

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