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Unlocking the future of mobile access control with HID cutting-edge solutions

Unlocking the future of mobile access control with HID cutting-edge solutions
Unlocking the future of mobile access control with HID cutting-edge solutions
Jerry Wang, North APAC's Head of Physical Access Control Solutions at HID, underscores the escalating demand for mobile access control solutions, propelled by increasing customer awareness and appreciation of the substantial benefits this innovative technology offers.
As mobile technology continues to advance at a rapid pace, the access control industry aims to leverage its benefits to create increasingly secure, convenient, and user-friendly solutions. Mobile access control solutions empower users to use their smartphones or wearables to unlock doors, access networks, service and more.
According to HID’s 2022 State of Physical Access Control Report, 66 percent of users have already upgraded to mobile readers or plan to do so. 41 percent said that mobile access would be a critical feature they need in a new access control system.
As a market leader in physical access control, HID has been at the forefront of the transition to more secure and convenient solutions leveraging mobile credential-based solutions. This article will take a close look at the benefits and significance of the technology and how HID solutions are addressing customer pain points.  

Benefits of using mobile access control solutions

Mobile access control provides greater security than standard smart cards or fobs, strengthened by the secure storing of digital credentials, strong encryption, and secure communication protocols. Smart devices are also able to offer multi-factor authentication, biometric identification, and other advanced security capabilities that would further tighten physical and logical access protection.
“Besides offering robust security, our mobile access solutions also allow efficient management and easy operation for customers,” explained Jerry Wang, Head of Physical Access Control Solutions for North APAC at HID. “Businesses can make use of cloud-based portals to manage mobile IDs, saving employee credential management time, and simplifying user enrollment. Administrators can easily issue credentials to staff members or visitors anytime from anywhere through cloud-based operations. This over-the-air functionality ensures swift and efficient credential management. They can also instantly revoke these credentials, either when a visitor no longer requires access or in cases where staff members have misplaced their mobile phones.”
Mobile access control improves end-user experience by offering a practical and versatile solution to security. Users may effortlessly go through access control gates in the building lobby, which send them to the floor to which they belong based on their credentials. They can unlock office doors, print documents, book meeting rooms, and more by using smartphones or wearables.
Furthermore, smart device sensors, such as HID’s patented "Twist and Go" technology, provide intuitive gesture detection for distance-based access management. Users can unlock doors and gates from afar simply by rotating and “twisting” their device when approaching a mobile-enabled reader. This innovative feature enhances accessibility, offering a seamless and effortless entry experience.

HID solution to address customer requirements

Known for its steadfast commitment to innovation, HID persistently concentrates on refining its product ecosystem. By staying attuned to the rapid shifts in the marketplace, the company ensures the delivery of innovative solutions that adeptly cater to customer needs. HID has become a trusted partner for many businesses throughout the world by combining expertise, experience, and cutting-edge technology.
The company’s solutions have been instrumental in resolving customer difficulties worldwide on several occasions. A notable example was Australia's leading integrated property firm Charter Hall which wanted to streamline access technologies, maintaining a frictionless yet secure tenant experience, and assuring centralized control across all facilities.
HID’s Mobile Access and Signo Readers allowed Charter Hall to integrate various devices and amenities. Tenants were able to utilize their mobile devices as credentials thanks to HID integration with the firm’s workplace app Charli, delivering a secure and comfortable experience while accessing doors, gates, networks, and other secure locations.
Charter Hall not only improved the access control process but also reduced costs involved with issuing physical access cards and replacing lost or stolen cards by adopting HID Mobile Access and HID Signo Readers. Tenants could self-onboard just by requesting and receiving access at any time, removing the requirement for physical cards and in-person help.

The competitive advantage: choosing HID as your partner

HID distinguishes itself through its open architecture, enabling organizations to seamlessly implement their mobile access control solution without worrying about high costs to their existing infrastructure, such as readers and controllers. The company’s software-based open-standard credential technology Seos leverages the strengths of mutual authentication and cryptography for enhanced data and privacy protection.
For technology partners, system integrators, and other intermediary channels that have historically sold boxed systems such as readers, cards, and controllers, HID's mobile access solutions provide several advantages, reshaping their access control business. The booming demand for mobile access solutions is a trend that will continue, making it critical for organizations to adapt or risk being left behind.
“Working with HID will enable integrators and channel partners to add value along the value chains, increase client retention and satisfaction by transitioning to a solution-based business model,” Wang explained. “This not only ensures a superior quality service but also a regular revenue stream with a predictable and sustainable income source. By embracing our cutting-edge technology, integrators and other partners can make sure they remain competitive and thrive in a fast-paced, ever-changing industry.”
Making things even more attractive for technology partners or integrators is HID’s focus on diverse sectors with tailored systems that address unique needs.
“For example, in commercial real estate (CRE), evolving work styles—such as flexible, multi-location, and hybrid approaches—pose modern challenges for property owners,” Wang pointed out. “As tenants adapt to these new work trends, CRE must turn to advanced physical access control systems (PACS) as the foundation for robust experiences. Driven by its commitment to innovation, HID is consistently enhancing its product ecosystem, with a particular emphasis on mobile technologies like digital wallet-based products and security solutions. The company’s primary goal is to synergize smart and secure building environments, thereby maximizing usability. This ensures building owners and managers can confidently provide the most advanced access control options to their tenants.  
Additionally, building owners can reap the benefits of integrating HID Mobile Access with HID Origo, the company’s cloud platform that is scalable, secure, and easy to use. This system provides building managers with real-time information about the number of occupants in the building and on each floor, proving invaluable for emergency situations or ensuring safe evacuations.
HID Origo, being ISO 27001 and CIS certified, adheres to the highest industry standards of data security while also maintaining compliance with GDPR regulations. It provides centralized access control and flexible user management, all underpinned by robust security measures, supported by the latest technologies.


The rapid expansion of mobile technology has heralded a new era for access control systems characterized by increased security, usability, and convenience. HID is at the forefront of this shift, providing innovative mobile access control solutions that answer the specific needs of multiple verticals. The company has even been recognized as an accredited solution provider by the real estate industry body WiredScore, emphasizing its commitment to helping CRE clients implement future-ready smart buildings.
For technology partners, integrators and consultants, partnering with HID can lead to rapid business expansion, recurring revenue opportunities, and easier operations. With cutting-edge mobile access solutions, they can stand out in the market and increase customer satisfaction. HID’s simplified installation and management processes will also ensure operational efficiency, allowing integrators to focus on providing service and developing their businesses.
For end users, HID offers a maximum return on investment. The company’s innovative and customer-centric approach places it in a leading position in the market as we continue to embrace the digital era.
For more essential insights and recommendations on effective mobile access control integration, check out HID’s dedicated site.
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