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Dahua TechMonth Recap: An overview of the development of Dahua Full-color Technology

Dahua TechMonth Recap: An overview of the development of Dahua Full-color Technology
Over the years, Dahua has continuously invested in the development and innovation of the Full-color technology in order to solve the monitoring challenges brought by low illumination.
Over the years, Dahua has continuously invested in the development and innovation of the Full-color technology in order to solve the monitoring challenges brought by low illumination.
In 2018, the company launched the Starlight and Starlight+ technologies which enable cameras to effectively capture color details in low-light environments.
Focusing on further improving low-light monitoring, Dahua officially released the Full-color concept in 2020, realizing 24/7 color monitoring by introducing F1.0 super aperture, 1/1.8 '' high-performance sensor for large targets, and Dahua’s self-developed ISP 4.0 technology. The color information of key targets in the scene can be captured even at night, which can be used as evidence in case of an investigation or backtracking.
In 2021, the company continued to upgrade its technology and launched the Dahua Full color 2.0 technology. It further expanded the Full-color “family” and integrated 4K, panoramic, zoom, and other technologies in order to facilitate the development of high-end products, provide a more comprehensive product system and enhance low-light surveillance.
To elaborate more about this remarkable technology, this year’s Dahua TechMonth showcases some of the integrations of Full-color technology that create more business value for customers and end users. Here’s a short recap of these amazing solutions:

1. Full-color + TiOC

The TiOC (three-in-one camera) has 3 main features: Smart Dual Illuminators, Active Deterrence, and AI. It can effectively warn off intruders with active deterrence, and notify users in time with real-time alarm, providing pro-active video surveillance to properties that require 24/7 security.
TiOC utilizes Full-color technology to capture color footages in dark scenarios. Also, its smart exposure technology realizes time-sharing control and prevents the interference of flashing red & blue light in the image. To see TiOC in action, check out this video.

2. Full-color + Panoramic

The Dahua Full-color Dual Lens 180° Panoramic PTZ & IPC devices are equipped with dual sensors that deliver a 180-degree field of view. After the right and left lenses capture an image, the camera calculates the feature values of the left and right image to avoid warping and pixel loss using standardized image correction technology. The Dahua advanced pixel-level metadata fusion algorithm then enables seamless splicing of the image, resulting in a seamless 180° wide-angle image.
The Panoramic IPC offers EPTZ that provides a panoramic image of the scene, as well as sub images that focus on specific area or target. For the panoramic PTZ camera, both panoramic and detail views support AI functions and can be independently deployed towards different directions to cover wider areas. Watch this video to find out more.

3. Full-color + ZOOM

The motorized vari-focal lens of the upgraded Dahua Full-color 2.0 network cameras has approximately 5x optical zoom capability and auto-focus function, providing clear color details of the monitored scene even after zooming in. With its long-distance illumination capability, the camera can also capture clear full-color image even from far distances.

4. Full-color + 4K

The Dahua Full-color 4K camera delivers enhanced color images and surveillance footages 24/7. It adopts 1/1.2” image sensor (currently Dahua's best low-light IPC sensor) that provides 110% pixel size increase compared to common 8MP sensor. Its F1.0 large aperture can capture more available light and the maximum light energy that the sensor can receive is increased by 2 times.

Success Case: Schwarze Berge (Black Mountains) Wildlife Park

Located in Rosengarten Germany, the Schwarze Berge (Black Mountains) Wildlife Park covers an area of about 50 hectares. It is home to nearly a thousand of animals from approximately 100 species grazing in Europe. The administration of the park were looking for a comprehensive camera system that can perform many tasks. “We chose Dahua because it customized a complete solution to meet all our needs,” says Arne Vaubel, Managing Director of the Schwarze Berge (Black Mountains) Wildlife Park.

“In this project, a full series of innovative cameras equipped with key technologies such as Full-color and thermal imaging are adopted. We are glad to see that through our cameras, the park is able to monitor the living environment and health status of wild animals at any moment without disturbing them, which also help the park realize efficient operation and management,” explains Kai Wockenfuß, Pre-Sales Support Technical Engineer of Dahua Technology GmbH.
One notable Dahua camera deployed in the park is the 8MP Full-color Fixed-focal Warm LED Bullet WizMind Network Camera. It is equipped with a high-performance sensor and large aperture lens, enabling it to capture clear color images when it’s dark or during the night. With its photosensitivity technology, the camera can capture more available light and display more colorful footages of the monitored scene, providing 24/7 monitoring of the wildlife in the park.

The future of Dahua Full-color technology

With the success of Dahua Full-color in the market, what does the future holds for this amazing technology?
For starters, minimizing white light pollution is on the top of list. Some cameras with full color capabilities in the market still use white light, which can affect the human eye and cause severe light pollution in the monitored scene. Touchless Full-color cameras is one solution that Dahua has been exploring through its multi spectrum algorithm. The Dahua Multi Spectrum Fusion technology extracts the details and brightness of the visible spectrum and infrared spectrum to make the fusion brightness close to the visible light brightness, which then enables the camera to provide better images.
Another aspect that Dahua is focusing on is deeper integration of Full-color with AI. The Full-color technology is continuously being upgraded, and with that comes more intelligent solutions that can realize clear HD images at night, like it is during day time. The TiOC, for example, combines Full-color, AI, and Active Deterrence (warning lights and siren) into one comprehensive solution, realizing a closed-loop system that involves early warning, active deterrence, and backtracking. It has been recognized by many authoritative organizations in the industry and even received distinctive awards.
What’s more, with the constant development of this technology, it can enable Full-color imaging to be directly applied to intelligent analysis and computing. It will become a mainstream technology that everyone can avail and use in order to optimize their scenarios, which is in line with Dahua’s mission of “Enabling a safer society, and smarter living.”

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