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Dahua launches Thermal Monocular Camera Series to make outdoor tasks handier

Dahua launches Thermal Monocular Camera Series to make outdoor tasks handier
The cameras are handheld cameras tailored for outdoor scenarios such as hiking, wildlife conservation, search and rescue missions, and hunting.
Dahua Technology just launched its Thermal Monocular Camera Series — M Series. They are handheld cameras tailored for outdoor scenarios such as hiking, wildlife conservation, search and rescue missions, hunting, etc.
M Series provides three model options (M20, M40 and M60) based on the image resolution of the cameras, while each of them includes multiple models with different lenses to meet diverse customer needs. With an industry-leading 12μm Vox sensor, the maximum resolution can reach 640 x 512. This innovative series could be the handiest high-quality device for thermal imaging-related tasks in the field, and here are the reasons.

Reliable under tough outdoor conditions

The ergonomic design of the M Series realizes the comfortable handheld experience and convenient operation. These cameras meet the IP67 standard of Ingress Protection Rating, pass the 2-meter drop test, and function under temperatures of -20℃ to 55℃, which means they can work steadily in tough environments.

Even under harsh weather, the M Series is able to capture sharp thermal images at a smooth and stable frame rate and produce clear and detailed visuals of running targets and moving vehicles. Thanks to advanced thermal imaging technology, the series can detect animals and objects in complete darkness, haze, or through glaring light.
M Series’s weight ranges from 350g to 500g. Its internal lithium battery supports up to 9 hours of battery life (tested at 25℃) and a USB cable power supply. These make the Dahua Thermal Monocular Camera Series ideal for outdoor applications and easy to be recharged in the field.  

Advanced intelligence to meet various needs

M Series offers a choice of four color palettes to meet users’ observation needs in different scenarios. “White Hot” is suitable for observing active targets, “Iron Red” can improve the comfort of long-term observation under night conditions, “Rainbow” is convenient for users to quickly identify targets, and “Alarm” helps to quickly detect the emergence of high-temperature targets.

As thermal imaging cameras, the M Series also has a crucial function of automatic fire detection up to 1 km (Fire size: 2 m x 2 m). Forest management personnel can use it to conduct inspections to quickly find fires and arrange for firefighters to deal with the fire in time.
In addition, the M Series supports distance measurement. By selecting the measurement target type (e.g., wolf, rabbit, human, custom) and placing the measurement line on the top and bottom of the target, the approximate distance of the target can be obtained.

For networking, the M Series is equipped with a built-in WiFi hotspot module. By connecting the cameras to the smartphone via WiFi hotspot, users can transmit real-time images, set up cameras, store pictures and videos, and browse history files on the DH Thermal APP. Moreover, videos and pictures can be exported and shared via a USB cable connected to a computer.

Outstanding features for a better user experience

With the built-in video recorder and display, Dahua Thermal Monocular Camera Series can present great views to users and take pictures and videos at any time. Apart from the Micro USB ports, the camera series also has CVBS ports for connecting to an external display screen to realize a better visual experience.
In addition, the series has an SD card slot that supports a maximum of 256 GB of storage space, which can significantly expand the storage capacity of the cameras. A built-in distance sensor can detect whether the device is being used. If no one is within a certain distance for a set period, the device will automatically turn on to standby mode. The display will be turned off to preserve battery life while other functions are still online. Users can re-start operating by stepping closer to the device or pressing the power button.
Dahua never stops innovating for better products, solutions and services to meet customers’ needs. The highlighted functions not only differentiate Dahua’s products from others but also attract consumers around the world.

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