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Hikvision simplifies entry and exit management with E&E solution

Hikvision simplifies entry and exit management with E&E solution
Hikvision simplifies entry and exit management with E&E solution
In this article, Wicky Wei, Senior Product Manager at Hikvision, discusses how the company’s entrance and exit (E&E) solution helps reduce cost, increase management efficiency and delivers a greater experience for drivers. The solution already has successful projects throughout China, and Hikvision is now targeting overseas, where advanced E&E solutions are in high demand.
Entry and exit (E&E) management is an important part of an end user organization’s daily operations, both for security and non-security reasons. Suspicious vehicles or vehicles that do not belong to the facility need to be kept out. Temporarily-parked vehicles must be accounted for to avoid non-payment or other disputes. Vehicle data can also help with resources optimization and future planning.
To meet end users’ entry and exit requirements, Hikvision Digital Technology, a leading video-based IoT solutions provider, has launched a comprehensive E&E solution that’s well-integrated, significantly reduces the time and cost of installation and delivers a smooth entry and exit experience for drivers.
“We expect high market demand for this solution. This is mainly because the solution has solved the entry and exit pain points for operators and car owners alike,” said Wicky Wei, Senior Product Manager at Hikvision Digital Technology. “For operators, the integrated system greatly reduces labor costs and improves operational efficiency. For car owners, automation improves the efficiency of vehicles passing at the entrance and exit point, providing a better experience.”

What makes Hikvision’s solution stand out

There are certain challenges with E&E applications. Below are some of the common pain points faced by end users, and how they can be addressed by Hikvision’s solution.

Integration and installation

For starters, an E&E solution has Individual components such as cameras, barriers, coils, display screens and voice intercom devices, which are usually from different vendors and are not well-integrated. Installation can also be quite difficult – in the case of inductive coil, for example, ground digging is required, creating inconvenience and aesthetic issues.
Hikvision’s solution, on the other hand, combines Hikvison-provided components – such as ANRP camera, supplement light, anti-fall radar, outdoor LED display panel and barriers – all in one system. It also supports third-party integration methods like ISAPI and SDK if such integration is preferred by the user.
Ease of installation is another draw, making things easier for integrators and installers. For example, the display function and the voice broadcast function are integrated into one unit; there’s no need for them to be installed separately. Further, the solution uses radar, which detects an approaching vehicle and activates the ANPR camera. This eliminates the use of inductive coils and renders ground-digging unnecessary.

Video-based intelligent detection

Many E&E solutions in the market, especially ticket-based ones, have low entry efficiency, drawing complaints from drivers waiting in the queue. Hikvision’s solution is primarily video-based and allows dual tracking of vehicle and its plate. License plate recognition allows the barrier to remain open during peak hours to let vehicles pass through, increasing entry efficiency. With video, the solution can also provide structured data such as vehicle type, model and color, which can then be used for future planning and management purposes.

Excellent image exposure technology

What’s more, the Hikvision ANPR camera used in the solution comes with various advanced features and can capture plates in different angles. It also captures plates accurately in challenging lighting scenarios thanks to Hikvision’s Dark Fighter and WDR technologies. Its anti-glare feature further guarantees night image quality in spite of high beam lights. All this, coupled with Hikvision’s deep learning ANPR algorithm, ensures a high rate of capture and recognition.

Post-pandemic benefits

Further, the user’s post-pandemic needs can also be met with the solution, which is contactless and helps reduce interactions with personnel. “Hikvision’s integrated entrance and exit solution integrates voice intercom functions to enable remote communication and one-second gate clearance, which is highly needed for unattended entrance and exit scenarios and helps reduce personnel contact,” Wei said. “In the future, this kind of integrated equipment will be more favored by the market.”

Overseas markets and future plans

The solution is suitable for any user entity that needs E&E management. These include residential communities, schools, government offices, industrial parks, shopping malls, hospitals, airports, railway stations and stadiums. Indeed, the solution is already well deployed in China, with many successful projects in these verticals. Now, Hikvision is planning to push the solution to overseas markets, where such solution is in high demand.
“In the past, overseas entrances and exits were mainly based on card and ticket collection. In the future, intelligent video-based applications will have higher requirements due to the ease of use and configuration of the product,” Wei said. “That’s why we plan to launch overseas integrated equipment that integrates barriers, LCD display, light supplementation and capture. The launch is expected to be at the end of June and early July.”
According to Wei, integration, intelligence and automation will define E&E solutions in the future. Amid high labor cost, integration and automation can help reduce cost and increase management efficiency. Hikvision will base future E&E product development on these trends, addressing users’ integration and automation needs.
“Automation is also an important trend of future entrances and exits. In the future, our products may be more automated, for example integrating RFID into this integrated solution to make it easier for car owners to enter and exit,” Wei said. “In addition, Chinese domestic cashless payment is already very mature, and overseas markets are slowly taking off. In the future, we hope to see more cooperation between our products and overseas payment platforms.”


With end user attaching greater importance to their sites’ security, entry and exit management has become all the more important. It’s good to see Hikvision striving to address end user pain points with their E&E solution which helps reduce cost, increase management efficiency and deliver a great driver experience. In the future, we can expect Hikvision to achieve further success with their E&E solution, both in China as well as overseas markets, to meet user needs and requirements.
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