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Spexor from Bosch provides security to go

Spexor from Bosch provides security to go
Mobile, multi-sensor alarm device combines pressure, sound, and motion sensors to detect break-ins.
According to current crime statistics, people in Germany report around 240 domestic burglaries and almost 600 thefts from vehicles every day (source: Polizeiliche Kriminalstatistik 2019). Especially when it comes to areas that are difficult to secure and monitor, such as attics, laundry rooms, garages, and community gardens, or even caravans and vintage cars, the only security solutions available are often intended exclusively for individual use cases. With Spexor, Bosch has developed a mobile alarm device that people can use flexibly in almost any location and for a wide range of applications. Its powerful battery means the device remains active for several weeks, while software updates ensure it is always up to date. “Our Spexor mobile alarm device is certain to give users peace of mind – whether they’re at home or out and about,” says Dr. Marko Häckel, the head of sales and alliance management for Spexor. He co-developed and brought Spexor to market with Tobias Riedel, the head of product management and engineering. Setting up the device is incredibly simple: just download the app, scan the QR code, and configure Spexor with the app. The device is available in Germany now from the Bosch Smart Home online shop.

Compact security guard 

Spexor is the size of a coffee cup and houses several sensors that detect motion, sound, and changes to air pressure in a radius of approximately five meters around the device. “What sets Bosch’s compact security guard apart are the high precision and intelligent combination of its sensors, enabling Spexor to reliably detect break-ins,” says co-developer Riedel. If, for instance, the device is placed in garden shed and a football bounces against the window, the sound and pressure sensors detect the change. However, this alone does not set off the alarm. Only when Spexor detects movement inside the shed does the sensitive security device trigger the alarm and send a warning to the user’s smartphone. Depending on the individual settings, the device also sounds an alarm and the built-in LEDs flash red as a direct deterrent to burglars.

Security almost anywhere

Not only is Bosch’s mobile, multi-sensor alarm device suitable for use at home; thanks to its rechargeable battery, it can be placed almost anywhere that security is important. A Wi-Fi connection or cellular network is all Spexor needs to do its job when a break-in occurs. With a battery life of several weeks, this little security guard is an ideal partner for tasks like protecting motorhomes when parked or looking after expensive equipment, tools, or winter tires stored in a garden shed. Another factor that means Spexor can be used almost anywhere is that it can be operated and stored at ambient temperatures of –10 to +60 degrees Celsius. Data privacy was also a top priority in the development of the alarm device: Spexor has no camera and does not analyze or store any voice data. And when it is turned off, it really is off.

Over-the-air software updates

A Wi-Fi or cellular network connection keeps Spexor up to date. In the future, further functions and applications will also be installed on the device via software updates. “We know from our extensive market research that in addition to break-ins, customers also want such a device to detect fires and dangerous gases – whether at home or on a camping trip. That’s why our goal is to make such additional functions available in the future as software updates for the existing device,” Häckel says.
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