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Iveda announces location-based service for asset tracking and body temperature monitoring for COVID-19 detection

Iveda announces location-based service for asset tracking and body temperature monitoring for COVID-19 detection
Iveda announced the launch of IvedaPinpoint platform and Bluetooth trackers and sensors for a myriad of consumer and business applications.
Iveda, worldwide provider of IvedaAI intelligent video search technology, IoT platform with smart devices and the Sentir cloud-based video surveillance platform, announced the launch of IvedaPinpoint platform and Bluetooth trackers and sensors (e.g., TempPad, PressurePad and Environment) for a myriad of consumer and business applications.

Bluetooth trackers have been around for a few years. IvedaPinpoint is unique because it employs a base station with dual band (WiFi and Bluetooth) capability that enables trackers and sensors to be centrally managed in the cloud. This allows the tracking of both objects and people in a wider area. The base station is a small USB device that can be plugged into any electrical outlet creating a mesh network to cover an area, a building, a neighborhood or an entire city.

Deployment is fast and easy because there are no servers or software to install. The end user simply buys the base station, trackers and sensors; Iveda provides a cloud management platform at an affordable monthly service fee. Everything is plug and play. An unlimited quantity of trackers and sensors can be managed under one account.

“With Sid Sung our new president and our in-house expert on IoT and digital transformation, we have identified many verticals that will definitely benefit from the deployment of IvedaPinpoint in their organizations,” said David Ly, CEO of Iveda.

IvedaPinpoint is ideal for asset tracking at hospitals. Hospitals lose millions of dollars on mobile medical equipment because of shrinkage, rental cost and employees wasting hours looking for misplaced equipment. According to the American Hospital Association (AHA), in 2019 the number of devices per hospital bed has increased to 15 and utilization of medical equipment averages only 42%. Oftentimes, mobile medical devices are not where caregivers need them. IvedaPinpoint can identify the exact location of every piece of equipment on a map with Iveda’s Bluetooth trackers. An alert can be sent to appropriate individuals when equipment is removed from an area or taken out of the building.

Additionally, Iveda’s TempPad sensors can be used to monitor patients’ temperatures. This eliminates nurse’s visits to patients’ rooms for temperature monitoring at all hours of the day, reducing the number of times patients need to be disturbed.

Similarly, Iveda’s TempPad sensor can be employed in the private sector as part of a COVID-19 solution to thwart the spread of the virus and open our society in a safe and responsible way. Workers at factories and employees at hotels can wear a small TempPad while they are on duty. An alert is sent to appropriate individuals at the organization when a high temperature is detected. IvedaPinpoint can show the exact location of the worker and where that worker has been, which helps in contact tracing.

IvedaPinpoint can be used by schools and parents to track children when they get on and off the school bus. Each bus can be equipped with an IvedaPinpoint base station, using Wi-Fi or the bus driver’s mobile app for connectivity. When on school campuses, the same tracker on children may be used to check attendance.

Likewise, IvedaPinpoint is ideal for theme parks for quickly locating and retrieving missing children. Parents can rent or purchase trackers for their young children as they enter the theme park. Their location is always marked on the park’s map, which parents can access on their smartphone.

“This is really personal to me. Our 2011 family vacation at a theme park in California turned into a nightmare when unbeknownst to us, my 2-year old daughter climbed out of her stroller. We found her after an hour, but it was the longest hour of our lives. It was the most dreadful feeling a parent can have. You think the worst,” said Ly. “If the park had a similar technology, we would have found Maemae much sooner and all our worst thoughts and sinking feelings would have been avoided.”

For a neighborhood deployment of IvedaPinpoint, the cooperation of local businesses and residents is important. Typically, base stations are placed in homes and businesses to saturate the neighborhood for coverage. More specifically, HOAs and gated communities are ideal for IvedaPinpoint. When IvedaPinpoint is deployed in a neighborhood, residents can put trackers on their pets, young children and elderly family members.
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