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New radar system improves near-range detection (available worldwide)

New radar system improves near-range detection (available worldwide)
The product innovation from InnoSenT offers state-of-the-art sensor technology and more functionality for applications related to security and building technology.
The German company InnoSenT has developed a new radar solution for close range. The product iSYS-5005 impresses with reliable and precise detection thanks to complex 24 GHz MIMO radar technology and advanced signal processing. The product boasts new features, such as radar tracking, and determines comprehensive object information. The equipment of the near-range sensor is available for security systems and automatic door control for the first time. 

Near-area detection with state-of-the-art technology

In the course of development, InnoSenT relied on the latest technical findings and utilises the advanced MIMO method. Here, several transmitting and receiving antennas are combined to segment the detection range into small angular elements. This improves radar resolution capacity. 

The iSYS-5005 FMCW radar system differentiates objects via three dimensions: distance, speed, and angle information (3D radar resolution). The sensor detects multiple objects simultaneously and clearly distinguishes them from each other. This ensures accurate measurement results and great reliability. The capability to differentiate objects enables them to be precisely located within the space. The complex signal processing enables tracking and delivers extensive, current object data in real time.

It offers an optimum coverage area with a wide aperture angle and, depending on how it is installed, tracks objects within a particular range, spanning 15 metres or more. ‘Until now, there was not yet any comparable commercial system for the two industrial sectors. It is the best alternative when conventional motion detectors reach their limits. In addition, the product performance presents new possibilities and brings near-range detection to the next level,” says Dr Eva Maria Buchkremer, the product manager at InnoSenT. She adds, ‘With the iSYS-5005, we have managed to offer advanced radar technology at an attractive price. This will provide some fresh momentum to industrial sensor technology.’ 

One sensor, two modes to choose from

The iSYS-5005 is predestined for two applications: security monitoring and on-demand door opening. 

The developers have specially adapted the near-range sensor to the sector’s needs. The user’s intended purpose plays a role in terms of how relevant the different available functions and product characteristics are as well as how the detection area is to be oriented. InnoSenT has thus set up two modes for the system. The customer selects the required mode to obtain the best configuration for his project. 

The security system that offers more than a motion sensor

The ISYS-5005 expands a successful series of products for security applications from the radar technology company. The new iSYS-5005 radar system complements the series as a solution for the close-range area. 

Generally basic motion detectors or PIR sensors are used for alarm systems due to their low costs. However, they quickly reach their limits in poor environmental conditions or in terms of their measurement accuracy. 

The new product provides security-relevant radar data (speed, direction of movement, distance, and position of the objects) across all events within the detection area in order to assess the risk situation. Because the product enables people’s or vehicles’ movement behaviour to be monitored anonymously. The user can specify the detection range through individual adjustment options. For this purpose, they define alarm and ignore zones. For example, the customer can hide certain road sections.

This reduces the rate of false alarms significantly and maximises the quality of security monitoring. The technology can be used as a standalone solution or combined with other systems, such as video cameras. For the first time, advanced radar technology is also available for use to secure private households, small shops, or companies cost-effectively. 

Next sensor generation for doors and gates

One of the most common applications of radar technology is the automatic opening of doors. More conventional door sensors operate the mechanism as soon as they detect a movement. This opens or closes the door even when people walk by. The detection principle does not distinguish whether the object is moving towards or away from it. This impairs the efficiency of door automation. 

The new iSYS-5005 radar system rises to these challenges. It detects the direction of movement, ignores cross traffic, and tracks objects. In addition, it provides the customer with an information basis to calculate the object’s estimated time of arrival (ETA). This optimises the time at which the door opens and closes. 

The features of the iSYS-5005 impress with considerably optimised performance and accuracy. 

Compact and user-friendly

Thanks to its small dimensions, the radar system can be easily installed in door systems or security products. Radar detection is not restricted through the presence of a plastic cover either. Customers can position the system so that it is well concealed and inconspicuous without impairing the design. Another advantage of the iSYS-5005 is its high integration level and user-friendly configuration. 

For this purpose, the Doppler radar is equipped with complex signal processing. This makes system integration easier and also improves radar performance. Besides the tracking feature, the radar experts also created different filter functions that eliminate false detections caused by rain or wind. The product is set up and ready for operation in just a few steps. InnoSenT provides its own GUI and an evaluation kit for this purpose.

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