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DiCEworld presents DiCE controller and his sensors for smart home system

DiCEworld presents DiCE controller and his sensors for smart home system
DiCEworld, Italian startup born in Milan in 2018 engaged in the development of IoT systems for the home environment, present at CES in Las Vegas the DiCE Smart home system.
DiCEworld, Italian startup born in Milan in 2018 engaged in the development of IoT systems for the home environment, present at CES in Las Vegas the  DiCE Smart home system. DiCE, designed by Italian architect Marco Acerbis, is a product Made in Italy, that helps to: Collect, Communicate, Compute, Control data and information from Home system.
This innovative system is launched in a market characterized on one hand by the sensitivity of consumers to the environment and, on the other, by an unstoppable development of Internet of Things and smart home technologies. IoT global spending is 745 billion dollars in 2019 (+15.4% compared to 2018) and Smart Home Global Spending is 73 billion dollars in 2019 (+28.3% compared to 2018). 
DiCE controller is an IoT hub easy to install and use. DiCE controller communicates with other electronic devices and IoT sensors via ZigBee protocol and translates the data collected with real-time color signal. In this way the user is aware of his habits and improving his relationship with the environment. 
Characterized by an iconic style, DiCE also represents an evolution of the user interface in the name of aesthetics and discretion. DiCE is a design element, which harmoniously fits into any home, helping to create a relaxing, bright and suitable environment for your needs.
The device uses smart changes in light color and color intensity, which are universal and intuitive languages. DiCE controller can reports the parameters collected by the devices, allowing you to interact and communicate with the whole house. For example, it can reports information from following sensors: 
  • Energy use: DiCE controller will shine with-in a scale of yellow according to different levels of home’s energy consumption in real-time. It will shine yellow-orange when the maximum power limit is met and therefore when there is a possible blackout.
  • Air quality: DiCE controller will shine in an intense blue light in the presence of good air quality. The light will fade when the CO2 concentration increases and in the same way, it will blink when it is time to open the windows.
  • Plants health: DiCE controller will shine an intense green light when plants are on the appropriate value of humidity. When the plants need to be watered, the green light will blink.
  • Alerts: DiCE controller is able to report special alerts to the user through a flashing light in case of flooding or gas leaks (detected by sensors located, for example, near the boiler or washing machines or dishwashers).
The device is controlled through dedicated gestures with a simple movement of the hand. In this way the user can select a Kpi information from one of the different connected sensors, control scenarios, change the light intensity and color in lamp mode.
In addition to the light interface, which is the main form of daily interaction with the device, the user can access additional functions, via mobile App – available for Android and iOS. The App will also receive alerts or other communications from the devices. DiCE will also be compatible with the main vocal assistants currently available on the market. 
With the DiCE controller, DiCEworld will also launch DiCE PowerReader, that counts LED pulses from your house energy meter for real-time reading of home energy consumption. DiCE PowerReader is the first sensor developed by DiCEworld, which follows the company's philosophy of creating an “easy play” product, where design and quality are the core.

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Home Control
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