Omnigo Risk Management System used by all major casino operators in Macau

Omnigo Risk Management System used by all major casino operators in Macau
Omnigo Software, a provider of public safety, incident reporting, and security management solutions for the gaming, law enforcement, education and healthcare industries, has significantly expanded its presence around the globe by providing solutions to Macau, China’s major luxury casinos. All six major casino operators in that area have invested in Omnigo’s groundbreaking offerings, including Omnigo’s iTrak Incident Reporting and Risk Management System.

“One of the major benefits of penetrating a market like Macau with Omnigo’s security system is that casinos can draw from a shared database of banned patrons, advantaged players, and VIP guests from Day One of implementation,” said Mark Kornegay, CRO of Omnigo Software. “Sharing data across properties enhances security and surveillance for everyone by allowing casino operators to exchange critical information with each other and with law enforcement.”

Omnigo’s iTrak allows casino operators to protect their staff, patrons, property and assets while streamlining reporting and data analysis. Casinos can function more efficiently using iTrak thanks to its simplified reporting and notification process. The system also empowers casino employees to leverage data-driven security intelligence to address incidents in real-time, track persons of interest and mitigate risk and exposure to liability. Various modules within iTrak include Facial Recognition, Visitor Management, Lost and Found and more.

In addition to the Macau expansion, Omnigo’s casino portfolio also includes 100% of the Las Vegas Strip casinos and 65% of the Canadian gaming market. Each casino uses iTrak, Omnigo’s security and risk management system for incident reporting, property surveillance and security and loss prevention.

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