Ardomus Venation Solution just fits unto SMABIoT

Ardomus Venation Solution just fits unto SMABIoT
Ardomus Venation series IoT Gateways integrate cross-standard of networking and communication for Smart building IoT Solution. We focus on connectivity technology transmitted between field level and automation level, covering with multiple protocols such as KNX, Modbus, DALI, Zigbee, Z-Wave and many more. The smartly designed gateways offer easy configuration and installation by Web Configurator, App and Commission Tool which are helpful across diverse building system and the Internet of Things deployment, expedite the IoT deployment into IT systems and straightforwardly upgrade the building automation. 

Ardomus Venation works opportunely with BMSArdomus Venation works opportunely with BMS

Ardomus focus on the integration of networking and data communication for building automation, offer standard products and easily configurable tools that are suitable for the solution partners or application engineers to provide added value by their integration service. The Venation IoT gateways are designed opportunely for the BMS upgrading to the Internet of Thing and IP enabling promotion. With advanced Web-based configurator and certain programmable rules, the data points mapping and multiple protocols connecting become less effort so that System Integrators can focus on value-added integration service.
Visit Ardomus Networks booth no. 5519 for more information.

Smart Meter Deployment is On-going

Ardomus designs and customizes HES/HEMS management software for customer’s energy measurement and home automation application system for value added service. The system provides AMI system administrator with a convenient and easy-to-use graphical interface for centralized remote meter management and monitoring of AMI system communication as well as network equipment. The meter data can be collected periodically, or the meter can be operated remotely to realize the data collection and database management. 

Ardomus Home Energy Management System Presence 

Home Energy Management System goes to Home Energy System and Home Automation consolidation. • Key 1: AMI/Smart meters measurement data collection • Key 2: Usage report and behavior analysis • Key 3: Automated demand and response 

Visit Ardomus Networks booth no. 5519 at SMABIoT, a concurrent show in Secutech International from May 8-10 at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Hall. 

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