SCADAfence chosen by Mitsui Fudosan to secure building management

SCADAfence chosen by Mitsui Fudosan to secure building management
SCADAfence, the global provider in operational technology (OT) security and the most widely deployed OT security platform in Japan, was selected by Mitsui Fudosan to secure its critical facilities and building management systems (BMS).

The SCADAfence platform provides BMS administrators with continuous OT network monitoring for increased visibility, risk management, and threat protection. Its selection by Mitsui Fudosan is in line with the Japanese government's efforts to ensure that hackers don't use IoT devices to launch attacks against Japanese infrastructure during the Olympic games. 

"SCADAfence enhances our ability to continue and adopt Smart City technologies and will allow us to operate securely as we digitalize our OT infrastructure," said Akira Sugawara of Mitsui Fudosan. "Our building management systems are constantly becoming more digitized and inter-connected due to industrial IoT technologies and securing them requires technology designed for massive, complex networks.”

In 2018, the Olympic Destroyer malware took down critical systems, sabotaging the preparation for the opening ceremony of the Olympic Winter Games in PyeongChang, South Korea. To avoid similar incidents and ensure a smoothly operating Tokyo 2020, SCADAfence will protect the BMS infrastructure from malicious attacks, which can jeopardize the organizers’ reputation and even endanger human lives. Such attack scenarios can range from turning off the HVAC systems during Tokyo's hot summer to setting off fire alarms in the early morning, putting affected athletes at a disadvantage when it comes time to compete.

“Cyber threats have become a growing concern to BMS owners in various industries such as hospitals, financial institutions, hospitality, and airports,” said Elad Ben Meir, CEO of SCADAfence. “Our joint work with Mitsui and our ability to support their growing OT infrastructure ensures they have the required peace of mind as they go through their digital transformation journey."

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