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Ways parking apps make life easier for building managers

Ways parking apps make life easier for building managers
Parking presents a challenge for building managers. Luckily, smart parking solutions are now available to make life easier for them. Parking manager apps are an example.
Parking presents a challenge for building managers. Luckily, smart parking solutions are now available to make life easier for them. Parking manager apps are an example.
Needless to say, parking is an important part of visiting or going to a building. Yet various situations may arise and become a source of headache for building managers. “Guests parking in reserved spots, parking spot ‘theft,’ and confusion about assigned spots are among a constant concern. In larger facilities, you may also have trouble with people getting lost looking for their assigned spot or mis-assigning residents too far from their entrance,” said a recent blog post by Parqex.
This is where parking management apps can come in handy and make a building smart, according to the post. “Mobile technology has introduced valuable new solutions to parking management,” it said. “With a parking management app, your resident and employee parking concerns will start solving themselves.”
According to the post, there are three primary ways how parking manager apps can make life easier for building managers, and they are summarized as follows.

Saves time

The major advantage of parking manager apps is they help save time. “With a parking manager, you will be able to dynamically assign, reserve and enforce parking for each authorized vehicle. Whether you have five slots or five hundred, the app will keep track of who is supposed to park where,” the post said. “A parking app also allows people to independently reserve parking spaces without interacting with you or a staff member. Simply working through the app can save you many hours of taking requests, data entry and checking on assigned spaces.”
Further, a parking app can even have more usages. “It can also function as a gate or garage door opener for your residents and registered guests. This can save you and the drivers even more time not having to call in any time someone doesn’t have an opener,” the post said.

Simplifies enforcement

According to the post, a parking app that tracks every single spot assignment can also simplify the process of enforcement. “The app will keep track of the license plates, makes and models of each registered-assigned vehicle so that enforcement staff will know when someone is in their correct spot, missing or in the wrong spot,” it said. “The app can show you if someone who is currently registered is in someone else’s spot. And if someone calls in complaining that their spot has been stolen, you can easily look at the spot and check the assignment versus the situation. There are also ways to re-confirm an assignment if a resident driver has an unusual car for a few days.”

Prevents conflicts

Finally, the beauty of a parking app is that it can prevent conflicts from happening in the first place, the post said. “The app will make it much easier for people to find their assigned parking spot. This means fewer people will be inclined to just park anywhere. The app will clearly know the difference between one spot and another; this will make it much easier for two people in a mild parking dispute to determine which spot belongs to which person,” it said. “Finally, the app is constantly updating and providing the most current parking assignment to all users. Not only is this useful for enforcement, it also allows people to double-check their parking assignment and even update their own assignment/reservation. Guests can confirm their parking reservation and find the correct spot in a timely fashion. Residents can update their parked vehicle if it changes.”

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