AIFA demonstrates i-Ctrl smart home solution at Convergence India 2019

AIFA demonstrates i-Ctrl smart home solution at Convergence India 2019
AIFA i-Ctrl is now going to 27th Convergence India, do you want a smarter and simpler life? Without thinking more, Come to India and check what’s special. Booth: B52, Hall 10, Pragati Maidan

Make your smart home is easier than ever, but choosing the right smart home device to set up is a huge factor. AIFA i-Ctrl is the one which can make home smarter and life easier for you. 

AIFA i-Ctrl, the smart home solution is an all in one remote controller which helps you in controlling all the IR Remote devices from anywhere, anytime all around the world by just using your smartphone that simply replaces all your remotes which results in no more purchasing of multiple batteries for remotes. The hassle of searching remotes for each device can vanish with the help of AIFA i-Ctrl.

With i-Ctrl, you can operate all your devices like you use to do from your remote by your mobile phone with the help of our smart home solutions. From Turning On/Off to changing of channels, scheduling the activity, everything by using your Smartphone and for that it is not even necessary for you to be physically available near that device. You can perform all these activities from anywhere around the world but there is only one condition that you need to have Wi-Fi connection at home and internet connection on your mobile phone as the IoT technology works on internet so without the help of internet connection the activities can’t be performed as there needs to be required some medium for operating the device and internet connection works as that important medium.

Features of AIFA i-Ctrl

  • Using our mobile App interface connect via Wi-Fi to the control box.
  • Issued commands are sent out using IR signal to home appliances like TV, set-top box/MOD, DVD, Air conditioner, Audio and to other IR controllable devices.
  • The APP has a built-in learning mode which can learn the infrared signals of devices like lamps or fans and then control them.
  • The app is available to devices with iOS or Android system.

Do not let this opportunity of having your home a Smart Home go away and get this beautiful device right now. The device doesn’t only look beautiful but is smarter as well. The best part of this device is you do not have to do any hassle to get this installed and even a child can operate it well. The beauty of the product lies in its excellent performance which has made unbelievable thing possible now. You can now show off in front of your friends and relatives by impressing them from your home which doesn’t look only neat and clean but is Smart as well.

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