AIFA Technology's i-Ctrl makes your home smarter

AIFA Technology's i-Ctrl makes your home smarter
CES showcase ended, but AIFA will attend the next expo soon. Convergence India (January 29 - 31) and MWC Barcelona (February 25-28) will be the next exhibitions which AIFA will be attending. AIFA invites you to come visit again.
AIFA Technology is one of the leading manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of the remote control. With 25 years of experience and sites located in Taiwan and China, our outstanding performance is well known in the industry. As one of the leading manufacturers in Taiwan, our professional team aims to deliver high-quality products on time and keep our core technologies updated to meet international requirements. We believed that our sincere attitude and hard work make our products and services genuine and exceed customers’ expectations. It is our job to always provide the best services and up-to-date technologies to our customers in different countries and industries.

All-in-one Smart Remote Control to make your home a Smart Home

AIFA i-Ctrl, the smart home solution is an all-in-one remote controller which helps you control all IR devices from anywhere, anytime all around the world by just using your smartphone. i-Ctrl replaces all your remotes, which require purchase of multiple batteries. Also, the hassle of searching remotes for each device can vanish with the help of AIFA i-Ctrl.

Now you can operate all your devices which you used to control from remotes from your mobile phone. From turning on/off devices to changing channels and scheduling activities, you can use the smartphone and it is not even necessary for you to be physically near the devices. You can perform all these activities from anywhere around the world. There is only one condition: you need to have wifi connection at home and internet connection on your mobile phone as the IoT technology works on internet. Without the help of internet connection, the activities can’t be performed as medium is required for operating the devices and internet works as that important medium.

Home Automation System

The Best Smart Home Device which fulfills all the requirement. Divine into the world of Home Automation from anywhere, anytime. Using AIFA i-Ctrl you can transform all your traditional IR Devices into smart automated devices which may be controlled even through voice when connected with Amazon Alexa or Google Home.

Home Automation is Easy Now. Automate your home easily without any wiring or sensors. You can now simply control all your IR devices from anywhere, anytime all around the world using your smartphone.

Key Features of the AIFA i-Ctrl:

  • IR Remote Devices can be controlled by your Smartphone Anywhere, Anytime,
  • All types of IR Remote Devices can be controlled,
  • Learning Feature, which allows learning the new devices which aren’t present in app,
  • 360 Degree wide angle allows controlling all the devices in a room.
Smart Home is not something that just adds on to the home décor, but it is indispensability which is going to help you more than any other smart technology and will become your best friend for sure. Be a part of the revolution of a smarter life and Smarter You before it’s too late. Smarter life doesn’t become smart only with stylish clothes and expensive gadgets it also includes the smart and unique way in which you live your life and the way you perform your daily activities. AIFA i-Ctrl does the same by simply making your home smart and your personality smarter
Without thinking more, make this Smart Home Device yours today and enjoy living your Smarter and simpler life.
Smarter Life, Smarter You

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