iDevices products now work with IFTTT

iDevices products now work with IFTTT
Smart home device maker iDevices has made its products compatible with IFTTT, a free web service that links connected devices and certain events.
All iDevices products, including light switches, smart plugs and smart thermostats, will gain the new capability. Several IFTTT applets, which have triggers to connect apps and devices together, are already available. For example, iDevices smart switches will be turned off when homeowners leave a specific area using geo-fencing technology, or be turned on at sunset or when the temperature rises above 30 degrees. In other words, homeowners can automatically control their devices based on changes in the environment.
Homeowners can first set up IFTTT in the iDevices Connected app, and then use the IFTTT app to create customized actions.
Smart plugs and smart sockets are iDevices’ flagship products, which homeowners can use to connect with other gadgets, such as coffee machine, fan and lamp, and make them smart,
The company has also started to introduce standalone smart devices. For instance, its light switch Instinct has motion detection, Amazon Alexa assistant and a speaker built-in. When the blue-light ring shines on the light switch, homeowners will know that the smart assistant is listening for commands.
iDevices products are already working with Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. With the new IFTTT integration, the company is offering more ways for homeowners to control their smart gadgets.
The IFTTT feature has been released for both iOS and Android users.

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